TEAM JESUS! Please Pray For Pastor Jerry McCullah!


Pastor Jerry McCullah is one of my heroes of faith! He is one of our writers for GOD here at FGGAM. Such a dear, dear man of God! Pastor Jerry has COVID! Here is a prayer note from his lovey bride Ruthi:

Friends, family, please join with me in prayer for my sweet husband Jerry. He’s got COVID. I don’t know how to judge the severity. I just know he is sick. So far no lung activity (praise God). But he has fever, headache, sinus, and today he developed an extremely severe sore throat. I know these “variants” are not considered to be as bad as the original disease, but he’s 75 years old and that can’t be good. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

We love Pastor Jerry and Ruthie, such role models for us all. I had the blessing of having breakfast with them a few years ago here in Albuquerque!

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