PRAY TEAM JESUS! Chama, NM Has No Water Due to Leak


I talked to my dear friend Scott Flury in Chama today. Scott is the former owner and operator of the Chama radio station, now the owner and editor of the Chama Times. Scott also has served on the town council in the past. He loves his community and the community loves him. Scott says the biggest need for Chama is for Governor Lujan Grisham to issue a state of emergency, so that Chama can get the help needed. The tourist community of Chama has been hit hard, first the pandemic, then the train gets shut down because of fire danger in the forest, and now no water. The community relies on the train ands tourism to survive. Please pray that Chama will get the help needed asap!

Chama is out of water

Cumbres & Toltec sidelined by fire danger

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