Polling shows record-low confidence in Supreme Court, Plus: Only 2 percent of Americans trust the federal government to do what is right “just about always”


Paul exhorted the Colossians: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for man, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ” (Colossians 3:23–24).

Pastor Tony Tice: I have a righteous anger today. This world desperately needs Christ. And we need to stop being obsessed with building big churches and get committed to making disciples. We need pastors who will be humble servants instead of trying to be the next great church leader.

Pastor Randall Floyd:

1. We have become a very vain, yet lazy nation.
2. It’s a shame when people become more upset over “games” than issues of morality.
3. The Bible is shown to be true by what is happening around us – good is called evil, and evil is called good.
4. We often refer to someone as a “good person”. Human goodness is actually quite irrelevant in the overall scheme of eternity.
5. Although knowledge and information have increased, wisdom and common sense have greatly decreased.
6. God established the family as the building block of life and society; satan, therefore, attacks the family with more intensity than even the Church.
7. No matter who you are, if you’re hope, faith, and confidence are in Jesus and ____, instead of Jesus alone – you lose.
8. When we use the excuse that “I’m only human”, we negate the effect of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ and the power He imparts to us through the Holy Spirit.
9. Prayer should be our first course of action, not a last ditch effort when all else has failed.
10. Political leaders come and go, but King Jesus reigns FOREVER!

Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

America needs JESUS not more politics! Where are the workers? Church? 29% of Americans are ‘nones,’ what are we going to do with our country? Are you building bridges of love and trust and introducing people to Jesus? Or are you going to stay within the walls of your church? How many folks has your Church baptized this year? The Great Commission is a command from Jesus! Are you walking it out? What are we to do Lord? Lifeway Research found that more than half (55%) of Protestant churchgoers say they haven’t shared their faith with anyone in the past six months. The Church and our country are falling. Too many scandals in the American Church, satanic things like sex abuse and all types of things, chasing people away from the Bride of Christ. I have never seen the Christian media reporting on so many sex scandals in the church! As the Church goes, the country goes. JESUS! is the only answer. We are seeing what happens when only 6% of America has a Biblical Worldview and only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview!

Now we see where the American people have lost confidence in not only the Supreme Court, but in the entire government I have never seen it so low! The fault falls on both the GOP and Dems. So much dysfunction, it makes me sick! We are in a civil war. In all my 66 years I have never seen such a stinking mess in America.

America needs JESUS! No wonder over 200 South Korean’s came to America to pray and minister to us. We are a lost nation. The South Koreans have been praying for revival in America.

I also am heart sick for God’s babies, as so many Americans still support abortion. The threat of violence against pro-lifers is high! PEW RESEARCH: About six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases

Polling shows record-low confidence in Supreme Court 

From Dr. Jim Denison: Only 2 percent of Americans trust the federal government to do what is right “just about always” Another 19 percent trust the government “most of the time.” In 1958, by contrast, about three-quarters of Americans trusted the federal government to do the right thing almost always or most of the time. Sadly this problem is overwhelming. What can we do church?

POLL: About 29% of Americans are religious “nones” — people who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular”

Dr. Jim Denison: Living a life God can bless


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