People of God: Do Not Gloat About The Supreme Court Ruling, Be a Mature Christian


I am seeing some pretty immature comments on Facebook from Christians who are thankful for the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade. More than ever we need very mature Christians in America. We must not gloat, don’t try and be comical, it fails to show people JESUS. You are showing your immaturity and your meanness. That’s what a non-believing world wants to see from Christians. You end of chasing people away from God with bad behavior. Christians also do this with their comments on politics! Horrible! We must build bridges of love and trust.

But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, 1 Peter 1:15

A wonderful man posted this:

I’m thankful to God for this historic day…a day to celebrate life. Not to gloat, but to rejoice and give thanks to the Lord of life. To continue our efforts in creating a culture of life in the communities we serve.

A lovely lady posted this:

The church has a LOT to do though. No more fancy worship bands and big buildings. Time to build crisis pregnancy and birth centers, help women fund health care for their pregnancy, and start up preschools and daycares. America is severely lacking in all of this, and suffering will happen without it. We can’t cherish life when it’s in the womb and then turn our backs after the birth.

Our Dear Hero of Faith, Pastor Jerry McCullah puts it this way:

There is a joy and a danger available on this particular day in making history. You may recognize the joy, and ignore the danger. Thusly, the most prevalent sin is in your heart and mind; and every so often, comes out of your mouth. God demands purity! Do not dirty the work He has brought by displaying an ugly heart, mind, and mouth. Choose Joy and holiness!

God Bless you Pastor!

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