Texas Pro Life Leader says pregnant women in crisis often stick to her very soul causing her to take their concerns to God’s altar, BUT! look at what is happening in New Mexico!

Rev. Billy Graham stated:
“Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.”
Long-time Pastor Don Kimbro of Albuquerque says, “Many pastors ( in my opinion) may be too busy trying to keep up with the three B’s: Budgets, Buildings and Butts (in the pews). Is God still looking for men like the “sons of Issachar who understood the times” (1 Chronicles 12:32)?” Globalism is Rising

Shame on you New Mexico, you do not take care of God’s children. You are the abortion capitol of America. You have 3,000 homeless children in Albuquerque that are students in the Albuquerque school system (Stat is From Mayor Keller). You have child abuse running rampant in your state, children killing children with guns, I recently did the funeral of a 20-yerar-old that was shot to death in a gas station in Albuquerque. It was the third son that this mother has lost to gunfire in Albuquerque. Child hunger is a problem….you are very godless New Mexico, you have let Satan take away many souls. The blood of these children are on all of us that live here. Now your going to give you children pot?  This is the strangest state I have lived in….the Church holds so very many high school pep rally’s,(NO SALT) but is so very ineffective overall. The LORD has shown me this, not of me, but of HIM. I am not a popular man in this state or nation, I am with Jesus, we operate out of our home the JESUS car that was donated by Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez, we are on the internet with FGGAM and social media and newspaper and radio. God has us reaching the world for Him, thousands every week! Bare bone budget, I am so tight that I squeak! No fancy dancy, no buildings, no employees, we have volunteers, and supporters. You do not have to be fancy dancy to share JESUS with the world.

I see more in-home Bible Studies are sprouting up in Albuquerque, some as large and 25 to 40 people! I spoke at one months ago with about 40 people present. A Pastor at the Bible study told me that maybe this is the future of the Church. I am very encouraged about this. You don’t need fancy dancy to be fed, you just need the bread of life. As a whole the American Church has lost its way. I hear it all the time on the street. I am going to write about the Church in Acts 2 this morning with the help of Lifeway: “So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls. And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” (Acts 2:41-42, ESV)
Some churches are known for their music programs, others for their children or youth ministries, while yet others for some sort of “niche” that appeals to a large audience. While all such ministries can be good and helpful for both reaching your community and encouraging the church, it’s interesting to look back at what the first church devoted themselves to. In Acts 2, after Peter’s Jewish audience heard the gospel proclaimed, they responded with repentance and faith, were incorporated into the church through baptism, and they devoted themselves to a common faith and a common life.

This morning as I seek the Lord, I think of people like Elisa Martinez NM House District 27 Candidate and founder of New Mexico Alliance For Life and Ethel Maharg of NM Right to Life and candidate for NM governor, who both fight for God’s babies everyday here in New Mexico. I saw this story about what is happening in Texas, it reminded of the hard work many women are doing for God’s babies and mothers. I have texted both Elisa and Ethel in the last two days about what happened here in Albuquerque. I am astounded by the lack of outrage what the Albuquerque City Council has done! FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!!!!!!!! The GOP bragged months ago that things would change on the Council! since the GOP had the power on the council!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! New Mexico has turned so very ungodly, it is the abortion capitol! It stinks to high heaven. The lives of children do not matter to many, or most of New Mexicans??!!!??!!! New Mexico is an anti-god state. Satan is having is way with our city and state government. The list of evil grows here and in all of America. DEATH OF A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW! Stunning Poll Reveals ‘Shocking’ News About American Pastors: Just 37% Hold a Biblical Worldview Does your Pastor speak out on these issues? I will never understand why so many New Mexicans vote for anti-god politicians.

Look wat is happening to God’s children in America: Stealing Our Children’s Minds

Ethel posted this on her Facebook:

I told you all a couple of days ago how the City Council of Albuquerque budgeted $250,000 for Planned Parenthood. Below are the numbers of all the Council members.
Even though not all were guilty, they all need to hear from you. Please make a call and send them an email and let them know this is an unacceptable way to spend our tax dollars.
Do it today!
District 1 Louie Sanchez Email Councilor Louie Sanchez: lesanchez@cabq.gov Contact Policy Analyst Brandon MacEachen: bmaceachen@cabq.gov (505) 768-3111
District 2 Isaac Benton Email Councilor Isaac Benton: ibenton@cabq.gov
Contact Policy Analyst Nathan A. Molina: namolina@cabq.gov (505) 768-3332
District 3 Klarissa Pena Email Councilor Klarissa Peña: kpena@cabq.gov
Contact Policy Analyst Rachael Hernandez: rmhernandez@cabq.gov (505) 768-3127
District 4 Brook Bassan Email Councilor Brook Bassan: bbassan@cabq.gov
District 5 Dan Lewis Email Councilor Dan Lewis: danlewis@cabq.gov Contact Policy Analyst Giselle Alvarez: galvarez@cabq.gov (505) 768-3118
District 6 Pat Davis Email Councilor Pat Davis: patdavis@cabq.gov
Contact Policy Analyst Sean Foran: seanforan@cabq.gov (505) 768-3152
District 7 Tammy Fiebelkorn Email Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn: tfiebelkorn@cabq.gov Contact Policy Analyst Laura Rummler: lrummler@cabq.gov (505) 768-3189
District 8 Trudy Jones Email Councilor Trudy Jones: trudyjones@cabq.gov
Contact Policy Analyst Aziza Chavez: azizachavez@cabq.gov (505) 768-3106
District 9 Renee Grout Email Councilor Renée Grout: rgrout@cabq.gov Contact Policy Analyst Rachel Miller: rrmiller@cabq.gov (505) 768-3123


Look what is happening in Texas:

DALLAS (BP) – Crediting God’s tenderness and compassion, Leanne Jamieson says pregnant women in crisis often stick to her very soul causing her to take their concerns to God’s altar.

The executive director of the Prestonwood (Baptist Church) Pregnancy Center meets hundreds of such women each year.

“I will sit with a client and so often, they stick to your soul and then you have to leave them at the altar, because you fall in love with them, and you realize that the world is a broken place, that God allows us to see them like He sees them, and that tenderness and compassion,” Jamieson said. More Here

Oklahoma’s legislature on Thursday approved the nation’s strictest abortion law, voting to ban the procedure from the moment of conception except in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is endangered. It’s the latest in an intensifying nationwide battle over abortion. Here’s what you need to know. 

BREAKING: Albuquerque City Council Votes to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Corporation $250,000
BREAKING: In an unprecedented, last-minute amendment to the budget, the Albuquerque City Council voted 6-3 Monday night to directly fund Planned Parenthood of New Mexico corporation $250,000 as a “sponsorship” Republican Councilors Dan Lewis (Distrcit 5 pictured) and Renee Grout (Distrcit 9) along with Democrat Louie Sanchez (Distrcit 1) voted against the radical measure. Two Republicans, Councilor Trudy Jones (District 8) and Brook Bassan (District 4) voted in favor.
Without any prior public notice, Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn introduced the controversial $250,000 direct fund sponsorship that makes no provisions for accountability or transparency.  She also took the liberty to bash Albuquerque citizens who oppose abortion as “anti-women extremists” on the City’s official website.
“It’s telling whenever an elected official has to sneak in a poorly written, last minute, amendment to force taxpayers to fund abortions,” said NMAFL Executive Director Elisa Martinez. “What’s even more shocking about this shady move is where does the money go exactly? Is this a political payback for Planned Parenthood to fund pro-abortion up-to-birth politicians; will it be used to fund unsafe and unregulated abortions in New Mexico? Taxpayers deserve to know the answer to these concerns.”
“Those who support abortion centers taking the lives of innocent baby girls are the real anti-women extremists,” said Councilor Dan Lewis, (photo above left). “Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, Democrat or Republican, I don’t know anyone who is proud of the fact that Albuquerque is considered the abortion capital of the nation, and I believe most people in our city do not support tax-payer funded abortions.”
NMAFL applauds the efforts of Councilors Dan Lewis, Renee Grout and Louie Sanchez for opposing the City of Albuquerque’s unprecedented forced taxpayer funding of abortions.
FACT: Planned Parenthood of New Mexico’s Albuquerque clinic performs surgical, D & E or dismemberment abortions up to 5 months gestation. On average, Planned Parenthood of New Mexico brings in $4.7 million in annual revenue.
With record crime rates, crushing inflation and gas prices, the last thing the Albuquerque City Council and Mayor Keller should be using taxpayer dollars to fund are elective abortions.
TAKE ACTION: The City Council of Albuquerque passed the Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget bill R-22-24 with the amendment to fund Planned Parenthood, it will be sent to the Mayor for signature. CONTACT MAYOR KELLER’S OFFICE TO VOTE NO ON FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD BY MAY 30, 2022:  (505) 768-3000 · mayorkeller@cabq.gov.
Stay tuned as we release more breaking investigative reports in response to the potential overturning of Roe v Wade.
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