May 9, 2022

We wanted to take this last-minute opportunity to ask you to help us remind our fellow citizens in beautiful New Mexico that the voter registration deadline is Monday, May 9 and early voting commences Tuesday, May 10.

For those of you who have not confirmed your polling location, we encourage you to do so at If you scroll down to the purple box titled Find My Registration & Election Information, you should be able to access not only your polling location but also sample ballots.

We need to remind everyone that it is so easy to say the primaries don’t matter and that November is what counts. While the General Election is not until November, one cannot elect a solidly pro-life candidate in November if a solidly pro-life candidate fails to emerge from the primaries. Pro-lifers cannot sit out the primary, then wonder why candidates who don’t represent our values may not be on the ballot later – we need to show up to vote now, so there is hope for a solidly pro-life individual to go on the ballot for November for each office up for election.

We encourage you to visit our website and to share this website with your friends and family throughout New Mexico. Voting is important, but voting your pro-life values in an informed manner is even more important. If you need a few more days to research the candidates and be confident in your selections, then we encourage you to take that time rather than rush to the polls the first day early voting opens. If we want pro-life victories in November, then we need to start with making sure candidates who are pro-life emerge from the primaries. That means doing your homework now on the different candidates, actively sharing what you learn with your pro-life connections throughout New Mexico, and then motivating those connections to actually show up to vote their values.


Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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