When We’re Feeling Disappointed

Believers don’t have to endure hardships in vain; we can learn and grow from them.
April 2, 2022
Romans 8:26-31

Have you ever comforted people going through a hard time by reminding them of the marvelous truth of Romans 8:28? Most of us are quick to quote this verse to others, but how often do we claim it for ourselves? What happens when we’re the ones going through a difficult season of life?

Proclaiming faith in the truths and promises of the Bible is not the same as applying them to our own life in the midst of trying times. It’s one thing to know Scripture intellectually, but it’s something else to live by faith. And disappointments are great opportunities to put our faith into action. Since God always works them for our benefit, they’re actually proof that He loves us. Our heavenly Father actively oversees our lives, and difficulties are one way we’re shaped into the likeness of Christ.

We can profit from hard circumstances by growing in faith, wisdom, character, and knowledge of the Lord. Even though God’s best may not turn out to be what we hoped or wanted, He has promised to work everything out for our good. It’s helpful to remember that He is more interested in the eternal value of our spiritual growth than in our temporary relief from difficulty.

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