Sad Celebration of NM’s First Legal 4/20 Day


Reading the local news, such as the Santa Fe New Mexican, you would believe that it is a good thing to be able to legally celebrate 4/20 day in the Land of Enchantment.

For the uninitiated, April 20th has been touted as the unofficial day to celebrate smoking pot due to some California teens in the 70’s doing just that after school at 4:20. Clever, right?

Pot shops across the state are expecting larger sales today and sadly they are probably right. This morning, I witnessed a long line of the drug’s users waiting for the local dealer to open their doors.

You might ask why I believe this is sad and not a reason to celebrate? After all, the legalization of marijuana will supposedly bring in much-needed money into the state coffers and more freedom is good, right?

I can’t help but think of a different number as people line up for 420 day, 921.

“And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”  -Revelation 9:21

The word translated sorceries is better translated to drug use. In other words, drug use is one of the four sins humanity will not acknowledge as wrong after the majority of God’s wrath has been poured out on humanity.

Notice the four sins are what we see in the headlines today. From thefts such as the crime we see and the socialism being promoted, the murders such as abortion and actual murders, and I could go on and on about sexual immorality.

Then there is the drug use. The world isn’t just pushing pot. We are seeing many other drugs being promoted and legalized across the country too.

This is very sad as lives are ruined and we see the doctrine of demons being touted as good instead of evil. This is a day to mourn, not celebrate.

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