Pray For Opened Spiritual Eyes and Hearts


In a world full of confusion and uncertainty people need hope. Many do not know where to turn but some of you have the answer and yet we keep it inside and lock Him up in our hearts. That hope is Jesus Christ, He is the Way the Truth, and the Life. With Him comes Love, Joy, Peace, and so much more even in troubled times.

So today I want to encourage you if you are a Follower of Jesus Christ, (If you have not already) pray to our Heavenly Father for Eyes to see the hurting around you (I plan on doing the same). They need you……yes you reading this thinking you have nothing to offer….. well you do….you have Jesus Christ In your Life because you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. You have authority on this earth as a Believer and you have the power within you to reach the lost, so don’t hold back, release what you have inside and be a blessing everywhere you go…sound good?

Regardless of how social media algorithms try to block us from sharing about Jesus, I will continue to encourage, strengthen and share the Good News about the Kingdom of God.

Blessings and Love to YOU ALL…

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