Earth Day and Christian Stewardship


Well, it’s that celebrated time of year again, Earth Day. I always like to point out that Earth Day was purposefully put on the anniversary of Lenin’s birthday, a Soviet dictator who makes Vladamir Putin look like a kitten.

When Google changes its logo, as it does every year, to highlight Earth Day, what should be the Christian response? We are not to worship and serve the creation as the world does, but we do have a command from God to subdue the earth, we are stewards.

Christians should not cede the moral high ground to those who reject God. Taking care of the world we live in should be straight forward Christian position, just as taking care of our homes and neighborhoods is the proper thing to do.

Understand, that because the world hates the God of creation and are enemies with Him, they don’t believe in human prosperity and flourishing. That is why they take the most painful path to achieve their goals.

It is my opinion that Satan can not stand to see the lives of people improved and one-way lives are improved is through cheap energy production.

If the world were truly interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the policies encourage local production and the use of pipelines to avoid creating more gases, not shipping oil from around the world.

A rational plan, which I believe Christians should advocate, is to decentralize the power grid to have solar and wind in local communities. Make use of natural gas to back the unreliable renewables and produce oil more locally and invest in new energy sources and technologies.

As Christians, we understand that this earth will melt with a fervent heat and that it is temporary. However, we also know that the Lord put man here to subdue and manage the earth.

Want to reduce the destruction of wildfires? Manage the forest by cutting underbrush, thinning the trees and creating fire breaks, especially as you come near homes. Don’t let those who worship the earth blame climate change for poor management of the forest.

Want to reduce the housing shortage and make homes more affordable? Open up more planned building and stop restricting home building to satisfy those people with such radical ideologies.

The bottom line, the Lord meant for us to fill the earth and Satan is opposed to that. Earth Day activists chose Lenin’s birthday to have this day by design. They do not want people’s lives to improve, just as Lenin did not.

We should be promoting a well-managed earth that uses the natural resources God has provided without polluting everything. Just a few things to think about.

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