What is the Dems agenda? Anti-God.

Pray for the soul of New Mexico. I had one of my precious Christian brothers from Texas call me awhile back and he said, “Its time for a REVIVAL in New Mexico.” True Revival! Reaching the LOST, not the CHOIR! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL PEP RALLY’S! PLEASE! Can we stop the Hollywood Stuff, please! Preach Jesus, the love of Jesus. Baptize, go into the streets, get out of your building… The Church in America will be remembered for failing to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO! Americans are leaving church and most aren’t coming back: report

5 Ways to Grow God’s Kingdom

The famed British Evangelist Gipsy Smith used to ask his audience, “Do you really want to see a revival begin?” When the people said yes, Gipsy replied, “Then go back to your home and draw a circle around you on the floor. Then get down on your knees in the middle of the circle and ask God to convert everybody inside that circle. When you do that, and God answers, you are experiencing the start of revival.”

The headline is fact, tragic for sure. What is happening here in New Mexico is happening to the majority of America. Only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. George Barna Research The result is, what you see around you. It is very, very sad. The GOP in New Mexico is losing out to the Dems. The Dems rule over the GOP in the governors office and in the Legislature. Will pot and free college and other legislation they pull off in the special session coming up be enough for the Dems to win in November? Special Session to start April 5th If the GOP is to win, They are going to need to win over Independents and Dems. They have to stop preaching to the choir so much and build bridges of trust to the other side.

By New Mexico’s behavior, ABORTIONS HAVE DOUBLED! (IN POST BELOW) Christians are losing, it is all playing out right before our eyes. I know when I am on the streets of Albuquerque or traveling the state, I am talking to many that are not Christians. I try to build bridges of love and trust with folks.

There is a movement in America to start home delivery of pot, New Mexico already has home delivery of booze, so there you go! New Mexico loves to few addictions, I am sure there will be a movement here for home delivery of the devils weed.

Don’t forget FEREE COLLEGE!!! What a lie! The taxpayers foot the bill!

‘The demand is huge’: The recreational cannabis craze continues in New Mexico

Drug recognition experts patrol the roads as recreational marijuana is legalized

Incidence of Pediatric Cannabis Exposure Among Children and Teenagers Aged 0 to 19 Years Before and After Medical Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts

Legalized marijuana sends more kids to the hospital in Colorado

CannaBiz: New Mexico Poison Center, dispensaries prepare for childproofing recreational marijuana

From Yesterday:

FGGAM Shares a Biblical Worldview Everyday:

“The Biblical worldview says there is a God—One who is personal, powerful and caring—who created the world and everything in it. It states unequivocally that man is created in God’s image, living in essence as God’s co-regent over creation. Mankind—born and unborn, rich and poor, able and disabled—has intrinsic worth. Almighty God is a sovereign God, ruler over nations, states, empires, and governments. He is to be worshiped and obeyed through the precepts and principles revealed in His infallible Word. He not only exists, but He is sovereign over all of history according to His wisdom and purposes, and He is intimately involved in every aspect of life.”

It is hard for me to ask for love offerings, but like all of you our cost of living, the cost of doing ministry has dramatically increased. Just for gas to travel and minister, at Churches, Funerals, Preaching….and the other work assigned to me by JESUS…money goes faster than ever, as you very well know…….Please pray about a monthly love offering, Thank you! We do not charge for anything we do, even on our website, we do not charge for visits like many news organizations now do.

Satan does not hide anymore..he is everywhere..

Dr. Jim Denison: Secularism continues to grow in the US. According to Pew Research, roughly three in ten Americans have no religious affiliation of any kind. Younger generations are less engaged in church than their parents; many committed Christians are not active in a local congregation.

How is this radical secularism working for us?

Consider this statement by the Wall Street Journal editorial board: “The world is entering the most dangerous period since the Soviet Union collapsed, and perhaps since the 1930s.” The editorial focuses on geopolitical dangers, but we could add the opioid epidemic and other “deaths of despair,” deepening political sectarianism that threatens democracy, and the escalating crime rate in the US.

So sad! Some of the news reporters in New Mexico are so excited about these pot sales, they act like people at a Super Bowl party, with the governor as the leading cheerleader!

New Mexico will be no better off…..it will be like throwing money into the wind….Pot is mind alerting, one of my medical friends calls pot, the devils lettuce! How Pot Affects Your Mind and Body

One of the poorest states in America, spends almost $2mil in one day on pot, where abortions have doubled, homeless population has exploded, drunk driving is a huge problem, home delivery of booze and now we have pot, crime rages, FBI director addresses increase in ABQ homicides saying they ‘got to get that down’ as the state continues to self-destruct. Morals have gone to pot. Who would want to raise their children here? The tide has turned so strong against God’s people here in New Mexico and all over America. Every morning I get up between 2am and 3am to report the news from a Biblical Worldview knowing I am of the minority in America, especially in New Mexico. Only 6% of America has a Biblical Worldview. We see the results, as we can smell hell from here. We are destroying America. There is no going back. What will become of our once great Country? It may go on, but, I hate to think what America will look like in just 6 months! This is why I preach that all must know God. I am just an old preacher/newsman trying to show the world the difference between good and evil from a Biblical Worldview.

Too many Christians have gotten all messed up in the secular world, and have watered down the Words of God. Way too many pastors are falling to the ways of Satan, I check the Church news everyday, my sources, crime is in many Churches, it now like reading a rap sheet of the Church everyday! I am not kidding! Hillsong Church Falls Apart

Too many accept what’s going on. I will never accept evil. I will stand as strong as I can and preach and report the news from God’s viewpoint, a Biblical Worldview, so people can see the difference and pray that many come to the Lord. I am in the soul saving business. There are plenty of wonderful people in America, but we must be aware we are of the minority. So much evil walks the streets and also the halls of our government institutions.

Plain and simple, JESUS is the answer to all problems not man or woman.

I tell you with this agenda the children and elderly of this state are being left behind. Do you ever hear of any help for our elderly? I tell Sharon all the time, with how times are changing for the worse, how will the elderly survive? Just trying to get medial help is a huge burden for many. And Children? Many are killed by abortion, never getting a chance in life.

And many call this good…………….

New Mexico recreational cannabis sales pass $1.8M

New Mexico governor visits dispensary on first day of legal recreational sales

What’s next for Texas, as neighboring New Mexico legalizes recreational marijuana

Marijuana is legal in the state, now a congresswoman wants it legal at the federal level too

Training held for NM law enforcement on drugged driving

I know there are many who are fighting for God’s babies in New Mexico…..Like Ethel Maharg of Right to Life of NM, who is running for governor and Elisa Martinez of New Mexico Alliance for Life who is running for State Rep. We all must stand strong for God’s babies, and for politicians who have a Biblical Worldview. Abortion is the greatest barrier between God and New Mexico. I have reports from both Ethel and Elisa…….

My Favorite Right is Life!
March 30, 2022
Hello Everyone,
A quick reminder that our Albuquerque Chapter of Right to Life has been busy planning the Governor Candidate forum.
It will be this Saturday April 2, 2022 from 1:00 to 4:00 at Glory Fellowship
Please make plans to attend this very important event and get an opportunity to meet all the candidates.
Thank you for all you do for the cause of LIFE.
My Favorite Right is Life!
God bless,
Ethel Maharg
Executive Director


REPORT: New Mexico Abortion Rate Doubles in One Year, More Expansion Expected
The Center for Disease Control released its 2019 numbers and the findings are shocking: New Mexico’s abortion rate doubled—in just one year. The out-of-state abortion rate outpaced in-state residents ending their child’s life by abortion, largely due to pro-life laws in neighboring states.
“This is an eye-opening report, while Texas, Arizona, and other states pass life-saving laws, New Mexico’s Governor and the abortion lobby fought to rescind all protections for women and unborn babies,” said Elisa Martinez, New Mexico Alliance for Life Executive Director.
New Mexico also leads the nation in elective late-term abortions, also due to neighboring states passing pro-life laws.  This is why New Mexicans must elect pro-life leaders to send to Santa Fe and Washington D.C. to represent our  values.
 Will you help New Mexico Alliance for Life support Pro-Life leaders in office?
New Mexico Alliance for Life has also recently uncovered a network of abortion funding organizations who are working now to expand unsafe and unregulated abortion in New Mexico- including building a new $7 million facility.
Stay tuned as we release more of our investigative reporting!
What you can do to help save lives:
  • Donate to pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers
  • Volunteer to pray in front of an abortion center in your area
  • Stay informed – follow NMAFL’s alerts for more updates
Will you help us to build a culture of LIFE in New Mexico? Please share this email with friends, family and church groups! Also, consider making a secure, online donation to support the work of New Mexico Alliance for Life.
Or, mail your contribution today–together, we can continue our life-saving mission!
New Mexico Alliance for Life
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New Mexico Alliance for Life is a 501 C(4) organization, donations are not tax-deductible.

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