Winning the Struggle With Doubt

The more we focus on God’s sufficiency, the more we trust in His promises.
March 1, 2022
James 1:5-8

Do you struggle with anxiety, frustration, and fear? Sometimes these feelings arise when we doubt God’s ability to fix a problem or protect us or a loved one. At other times we’re distressed because we question His willingness to handle a situation. Such uncertainties can develop from a lack of knowledge about God’s character, confusion regarding His promises, or a misunderstanding of His plans. That’s why it’s important to fill our mind with the truths of Scripture. Focusing on the Lord’s sufficiency instead of our circumstances gives us hope and strength.

There are many situations that may cause our faith to waver. It could be that our own sin prompts us to question the truth of the Scriptures in order to justify ourselves. Or previous failures might lead to a pessimistic outlook about current and future situations. What’s more, we have an enemy who reminds us of past mistakes and times when our prayers appeared to go unanswered. Satan’s age-old technique of questioning God’s truthfulness can make us wonder whether the Lord is trustworthy.

When doubts surface, confess them to God. Then recall past instances of His faithfulness and meditate on His promises. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into truth so you can stand firm.

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