Who Do You Need to Witness To?


March 14, 2022
Today’s Daily Devotional


“So Noah, with his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives, went into the ark because of the waters of the flood.”


Religion that does not begin at home does not begin. Have you ever thought, “My loved ones are the hardest ones to witness to”? Do you know why they are the hardest ones to witness to? Because they know you. Would you go and say, “Forgive me for the life that I have lived in front of you? I’m a Christian, but I have been a poor example.” They’ll be watching you. Then later on go back and say, “Would you forgive me for something else? …I haven’t shared with you the most important thing on Earth to me. Would you forgive me for not sharing Jesus with you?” This type of humility gives you an open door to share the Lord Jesus Christ with your loved ones. Noah had faith and that faith was for the saving of his household.

  • In what areas are you convicted of the way you have lived with and before your family members?
  • Who do you need to ask forgiveness from in this regard?


Take concrete steps to ask forgiveness from a family member this week as the Lord leads you.

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