Santa Fe New Mexican Reports: Santa Fe man ferries Ukrainians to safety across the Polish border


I am so thrilled to see so many from all over the world are helping the Ukrainian people!  We pray for the end of the war. Our hearts are broken with all those that have died, been injured, all the families that have been separated, when I hear of children dying…that grieves me so very much…..I also grieve for the Russian people……I have a dear friend in Russia.

This was in my email inbox this morning: The Santa Fe New Mexican reports: Keith Crow, a Santa Fe real estate broker, flew to Poland from Santa Fe last week with the intention of helping refugees

Santa Fe man ferries Ukrainians to safety across the Polish border


Lord, our Great and Mighty God, in John 16:33 You whispered, “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.”    You gave heed to Your children, that throughout our earthly existence we would hear of wars and rumors of wars.   Then You gave us encouragement and hope with the words; “See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

You continued to warn that nations would rise against nations as brutality works itself out in the world.   You assured us that we would see and experience famines, pestilences, and earthquakes worldwide.   You referred to these as the beginnings of sorrows.   LORD Jesus, we hope in You, as You alone are our future and hope.

Our Father, in every circumstance of life, each ominous moment, You are active and working among us bringing Your glorious Presence to be known and experienced.    Even when world events give the impression they are at their worst, we trust in Your Sovereignty, Wisdom and Might.   We hold to the fact that this world and the predicaments we cope with in it have been overcome by You, and we lean resolutely on the awareness that You have the authority to change any and every state of conflict.   Father, as we keep an eye on the war expanding in Ukraine, we ask for Your favor, mercy, and peace to control the center and mentality of all involved.    We pray fervently for the people of Ukraine to be safe, secure, and that they may experience the Prince of Peace and LORD of lords even in disorder.

LORD, we pray for the families that are displaced in fear, even separated as men and women take up arms to protect what is there’s and to defeat those advancing.

We pray for the children who are horrified by the sounds of war so near.  O Father, the sounds of war bring deep seeded emotional trauma which will last a lifetime.   Vietnam was so long ago, and yet I still hear the sounds of human hatred played out in battle.  Dear God, please protect the little children, they do not understand.  As far as that goes, does anyone really understand?

Then LORD, we pray for the elderly, some of whom are taking steps to defend as well.   The longer we live in a place dear to our hearts, the harder it is to see it destroyed before our eyes.  Protect them and give them hope.

Then my Precious Father, we pray for the common soldiers of both Ukraine and Russia.   We have already seen evidence that they truly have little desire to be at war, yet they try faithfully to obey orders to fulfill objectives they themselves have little understanding toward.  Protect them and may Your Spirit touch and heal their hearts.

Dear Sovereign LORD, we pray for the two governments, and the decision-makers of each.  We are reminded of the words of Your Precious Son as He endured His own earthly, yet spiritual, conflict poured out upon Him, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”  

Father, may it be Your will to restrain Russia; that their plans will be interfered with by divine activity, and in frustration return to their own country bewildered by Your glory.   I ask that their leaders will be overpowered by the fear of God as they attempt to destabilize and destroy lives.

We ask that Your Holy Spirit draw millions upon millions around the world to pray for a speedy conclusion to this evil activity; and that all who pray will have a heart to “trust in the LORD with all their heart” for Ukraine, Russia, their own homeland, life, family, friends, and neighbors; for salvation and new birth.

Then LORD God, we pray for Your Church, that She would come alive through a Spirit-driven revival that while have a deep impact on the entire world for the salvation of untold millions of men and women, and girls and boys.   Instill within each of Your Pastors the heart to serve in these troubled days with courage and unwavering faith.

Thank You for hearing our hope-filled requests, and for forgiving our many sins, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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