Praying for Peace and Freedom—Ukraine and Russia



This war between Russia and Ukraine is having earth-shattering costs for both nations, with dreadful loss of life, substantial amounts of citizens displaced from homes, even evacuation from homeland, not to mention the billions of dollars in structure damages.   Religious freedoms and human rights are severely endangered.

As believers are becoming more and more committed to praying for a moral peace and an immediate end of violence perpetrated by the rogue Russian government against Ukraine, and a belief that prayer can change the path of world events, I offer my prayer as a contribution to better days.       We must pray, and prayer is the greatest weapon available against aggression.

Father, You are Life and Peace and Savior, You are Sovereign over all, and I humbly approach Your throne of Grace and Mercy asking first for forgiveness of my presumptuous sins of flesh and pride; I deserve none, but ask in the name of my Savior LORD, cleanse my heart.   Thank You so very much.

LORD, this conflict from Russia toward Ukraine has negative results and actions toward citizens in both nations.  All throughout Ukraine, people are losing lives, livelihood, and homes.   Families are separated.   Citizens of all ages are coming to the defense of home.   In the midst of it all, as horrendous as it certainly is, we are catching strong evidence of Your mighty hand at work.  We are praising You, trusting You, resting in Your care as Ukraine travels this road of the valley of the shadow.  

Father, as the whole world watches; show Your glory through undeniable miraculous interventions.  To see Your glory within these great struggles coming through Your faithful followers in Ukraine has a divine drawing effect throughout the peoples of the world.

Protector, Comforter, our God, there are citizens in Russia who protest their government action against Ukraine.   The world sees this also and applauds their heroic and heart-felt actions in the midst of great risk to themselves.  We plead for their safety, and their courage for what is right; May Your Shalom/ Peace to be a source of strength!

I ask for the safety of people on both sides of this border; for their physical protection but also their spiritual protection.    Help all people of the world to seek and find the truth during this combative situation.    Assist Your children to see opportunities to share Your hope with others because they are finding they cannot trust in either government.

Many families have already lost fathers and sons.    I appeal to You for their comfort. 

I ask that You might intervene with both governments and their leaders.   I ask for wisdom as world leaders maneuver, organize and protest.   Please move in their hearts and guide their steps and plans; cause them to hear Your Words of righteousness, and to heed.   Help leaders of both nations to know Your truth and peace, being transformed by Your Holy Spirit, to seek to lead their countries in the way of peace.   I call for, in Your name, that Ukraine and Russia would become regions of this world without corruption.  I ask for repentance, grace, forgiveness and reconciliation throughout Ukraine and Russia.  

Father, You have a way of showing up when things are extreme and challenging, open doors of opportunities for Your Gospel.  Make Your name known across Ukraine and Russia as the result of this conflict.   The whole world watches and hopes for peace.   Glorify Your Name in all the world, in Jesus, Amen!

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