How Do We Pray For Ukraine Part 3


Once again the world is moving fast in the direction of coming to an end as we know it, but we still have to stand in the gap and intercede for those who are hurting. As the eyes of the world are focused on Ukraine and the attack from Russia we must take time to intercede and pray for the people over there. Sometimes we can sit down and pray what comes to mind while other times we search for the right things to pray about. Over the next few posts, I will be doing that as these prayer messages are very important for us as believers in Jesus Christ.

I searched online for different prayer needs for Ukraine and I was thankful to find quite a few. So here they are:

The American Bible Society Posted

3 Ways You Can Pray for Ukraine

  1. Pray for God’s love to reach those hurting across Ukraine: Pray that God’s Word will be made available, offering comfort, peace, and hope to Ukrainian people who are beloved of God. Pray for courage, strength, and perseverance for the people of Ukraine facing crisis. As nearly 70 percent of the Ukrainian population identifies as Christian, pray for believers share the good news of the kingdom with those yet to receive the gospel message.

Pray for God’s perfect peace and love to fill hearts, reflecting 1 John 4:18a (GNT): “There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear.”

  1. Pray for the Bible Societies of Ukraine and Russia. Praise God that Ukrainian Bible Society staff are safe; please pray for their continued safety. Pray as they faithfully serve Ukraine’s churches and its people. Ask God to bless their holistic, Scripture-led, trauma healing approach to Bible ministry that brings communities together to find healing in God’s Word. Pray for the provision of Bibles and other resources, training tools, and the means for God’s Word to advance even and especially through this conflict. Pray as well for God to guide the Russian Bible Society as they offer Bibles and other literature to hurting communities. May God’s Word be a source of hope for these nations.

Pray for the Bible Societies to be a conduit of God’s Word to those in need, considering this truth in Isaiah 55:11 (CEV): “That’s how it is with my words. They don’t return to me without doing everything I send them to do.”

  1. Pray for wisdom for leaders. Pray that God would intervene in the hearts and minds of government leaders across Ukraine and Russia to lead them toward a path of peace. Pray for solutions that can bring a speedy end to the war and for protection against loss of life. Ask for God’s wisdom for world leaders seeking to strategize steps forward and that humanitarian aid and guidance would come quickly to those in need. Pray for guidance for church leaders as they minister to communities navigating crises.

We all can step in the gap and do something right where we live all around the world. Yes, there are many horrific things against humanity occurring in our world but this week the plan is to focus on the People of Ukraine. Pray, Pray, and Pray some more they need you to intercede for them. Blessings and Love To You ALL!

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