Texas Abortion Ban Is Saving 100 Unborn Lives per Day


Sadly, I am deeply concerned that many have traveled to ungody New Mexico and aborted their precious gift from God. Oh New Mexico, blood on your hands……..

Remember the Ten Commandments New Mexico? Thou shall not kill!

Human life is sacred, holy, and precious. The sanctity of life is inherent as man cannot create life. Therefore, man has no authority to destroy life. It is the only way for humankind to exist.


According to new state data, the controversial “heartbeat ban” that went into effect in Texas last September resulted in a 60 percent drop in abortions during the first month. The new report from Texas Health and Human Services matches up with figures from Texas Right to Life, which has estimated the Texas abortion ban is saving 100 unborn lives every day.

Texas Abortion Ban Is Saving 100 Unborn Lives per Day, According to New Data

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