When Daisy and I were on our run/walk this morning many students from LBJ Middle School were running on the track at Mariposa Park. I told the teachers that were gathered as they watched over the kids about the student that was murdered near West Mesa High School. They had not heard about this hellish event. I thanked them for their service to our children. It is so very tragic that our children and parents  are under constant threat in Albuquerque! It seems in my mind, that of late we are having a murder take place about everyday in the Metro. Satan is having is way with so very many. It is not right to think our Law Enforcement Officers can stop these killings, they are very understaffed. No thug calls 911 before they kill. This is Spiritual Warfare! The Mayor of Albuquerque, The Governor of New Mexico and the Dems in the legislature are so very lost on what Spiritual Warfare is! New Mexico needs a law and order Governor! GOP candidate Ethel Maharg was once Mayor and Chief of Police in Cuba. We the Body of Christ must continue to minister to all and plant seeds for JESUS all over New Mexico and beyond! Let us all bear fruit for JESUS!

The Governor and her Dem buddies failed to get tough on crime in the just completed Legislative session. FAILED!

By the way, have you seen the ad by the Democratic Party of New Mexico on Facebook? Who ever did that ad is a very good writer of fiction. Lies! The whole ad lies!

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The New Mexico GOP Pre-Primary State Convention is at the Ruidoso Convention Center on Saturday.

It irks me to no end that Ethel Maharg, the strongest Pro-Life candidate for governor, is not mentioned in many news reports. It says something about a state that continues to kill God’s babies. Abortion in the biggest barrier between New Mexico and God. How important is this issue to the Republicans in New Mexico? God and His babies?

New Mexico Republicans compete to appear on primary ballot


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Franklin Graham, “A Biblical Worldview in Today’s Culture”

Lawsuits brought against Republican gubernatorial candidate Jay Block and Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie have been dismissed. It seems to this old man that political games were played against Bedonie and Block, but failed. More dirty politics, I wonder who was really behind this? The Governors race is going to get really interesting. Governor Lujan Grisham’s legislative session went up in flames, and she quickly removed her mask mandate! LOL! And her buddy Egolf resigned, that is a huge victory for the people of New Mexico for sure! Follow the opening of pot sales in New Mexico….it is a mess and its going to get worse City updates application process for potential dispensaries following confusion …..follow the money. Business owners start petition against new pot shop in Belen. One more thing which is more important to me more than ever is…..GOP Candidates for Governor that are speaking out against killing God’s babies! Ethel Maharg is the strongest candidate for God’s babies, no doubt, I got a press release from Jay Block who wrote this, “We cannot standby while our leaders allow unborn New Mexicans to suffer. That is why we must always defend the innocent.” I understand from my friends that Jay Block is a wonderful man of God. I know in the past Rebecca Dow has voted pro-life in the legislature. I have tried to monitor all candidates as best as I can. Let me know if you have anything to share about your candidate, or if they would like to share with us here at FGGAM. The only GOP candidate that failed to send me his stance on issues is Greg Zanetti, after saying he would. We need to end abortion. Is that important to you? Can we stop killing God’s babies? Abby Johnson on Abortion and The Girl ScoutsOne more thing is that I love grass roots politicans….I do not see Ethel Maharg asking for a penny from the people of New Mexico. Ethel wrote this months ago at FGGAM when I asked her about running for Governor: “I did not run because I’m rich and or famous. I’m running because my Father asked me to. If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill and He will provide.” I have received emails from Rebecca Dow and Mark Ronchetti, many from Mark, a few from Jay Block asking for money. NONE from Ethel. That says a lot about her.

The most important issue for me is abortion. We must stop killing God’s babies. Abortion is the greatest barrier between New Mexico and God. Thou shall not kill.

To be clear, I am a registered Independent in New Mexico. I am here to bring you a Biblical Worldview, not a political worldview.

Legal challenges to gubernatorial candidates’ signatures dismissed on technicalities

The New Mexico GOP Convention is this Saturday. FGGAM received this Press Release:





Albuquerque, February 21–The Republican Pre-Primary State Convention will be held Saturday, February 26 at the Ruidoso Convention Center and will begin at approximately 9am.

The Convention will include a full state of delegates from across New Mexico who will elect Primary candidates for Governor, House of Representatives and statewide offices to be placed on New Mexico’s Primary Election ballot. The voting results will also determine ballot positions for the Primary Election on June 7, 2022.

All media must be approved and credentialed and are invited to cover specific events in the candidate selection process at the Convention. Media will be restricted to a designated space during the Convention proceedings and will be allowed to attend all candidate speeches and the announcement of the voting results.

Media will not be allowed in the Convention room during voting.  

To receive credentials to cover the Convention, please contact Mike Curtis at Mike@gopnm.org by noon Thursday, February 24. Please provide the name and media organization of each person attending. If approved, you will be notified and receive the credentials when you check in. You must have credentials to be admitted. No exceptions.

Television crews will be required to set up cameras, cables and other equipment before the Convention begins. Media will then need to leave the Convention Hall and will be allowed to return when the candidates’ speeches begin.

The Convention schedule is as follows:

Media Check-in:                          7am-8am Once checked in, you must leave the Main Exhibit Hall.
Convention Speeches:             Approx. 9:30am Media are allowed in to hear speeches.
Voting Begins:                               10:30am Media must leave the Main Exhibit Hall during voting.
Voting Results Announced:  11:30am  Media are allowed in for voting results.

When the Convention adjourns, media are welcome to conduct interviews.

Address of Ruidoso Convention: 111 Sierra Blanca Dr.
Ruidoso, NM 88345

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