Canadian police arrest two leaders of the so-called Freedom Convoy, Israelis are leading their own version



Canadian police arrested two leaders of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” on Thursday as they moved to break up the last stronghold of the weeks-long protest against vaccine mandates that has paralyzed downtown Ottowa and interrupted business between the US and Canada.

Israelis are leading their own version of Canada’s Freedom Convoy to protest COVID rules critics say infringe on their freedom.


A weeklong “Freedom Convoy” trucker protest in Canada that shut down the busiest border crossing to the U.S. has inspired trucker protests around the world.

Including in the United States.

Dozens of vehicles and hundreds of people gathered Saturday and Sunday near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, that connects with the Ontario city of Fort Erie. The protesters flew American flags, honked horns and carried banners saying “my body my choice” and “do not comply.”

Among the organizers was Convoy to Save America, a group that lavished praise on the Canadian effort.

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