TRAGIC! 2022 World Watch List: Afghanistan is the most dangerous place on the planet to be a Christian


PRAY TEAM JESUS for the people of Afghanistan!

How quickly many forget…. President Biden abandon the Afghan people. One of the horrible foreign policy decisions ever in American History!!! It is very tragic that many have forgotten the Afghan people. Keep an eye on what Biden does and not do with Ukraine!!!! Pray for the people of Ukraine!


Afghanistan has replaced North Korea as the number one country in the world where Christians face the worst persecution, according to Open Doors’ 2022 World Watch List. The news that North Korea is no longer in the top spot after holding that position for two decades is a key takeaway from the annual report.

“The 2022 World Watch List reveals the most seismic changes in the history of our research,” said Open Doors USA President and CEO David Curry in a press conference Wednesday. “For the first time ever, Afghanistan is the most dangerous place on the planet to be a Christian.”

2022 World Watch List: Afghanistan Is Now More Dangerous for Christians Than North Korea

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