They Create

This Poem I wrote is dedicated to all of you out there with artistic gifts especially Writers, Poets, Podcasters, Singers, and Content Creators. Those who use words to capture the heart of Man in different forms around the world. A Special note of encouragement for those who have been inspired by the Holy Spirit and have still not stepped into that calling, this is the year……. Don’t Wait,  Create Something Great for the Lord! Blessings and Love To You ALL!
The Pad the Pen,
The Keyboard, the Mic.
Commune through our fingers,
Our voices alike.
Expression of verbiage,
That’s never been told.
Created by Artists,
Some young and some old.
The words of the writer,
Can captivate and lull.
The message of the Podcaster,
Can cause you to mull.
The Spoken Word,
A technique of great skill.
While soft gentle poetry,
Can cure the heart’s ills.
The gifted Artists,
Look like You and Me.
With the stroke of a pen,
They can set your mind free.
The Pad and the Pen,
The Keyboard the Mic.
Commune through our fingers,
Our voices alike.
© Copyright 2022 Stephen Lewis
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