The Brown Skin Black Man


I don’t know where I came from, but I know my Mother and Father.

To trace my Family Tree is saddening because I can’t go much farther.


Due to choices made by Men, who existed in another time.

It’s not your fault for what took place, and it’s definitely not mine.

So here I sit Brown Skin and Black, thinking of our history.

And the craziness Satan creates the lies the hate and bigotry.


I was born in America 50 years ago, yet my description always varies.

Before you get bent out of shape, just hear me out seriously.

We went from:



Afro American

African American and Blacks

So many names over these past years, how can anyone keep track?


The point I’m trying to make today is it’s a brand-new season.

Will we ever stop labeling each other without rhyme or reason?


How about we call each other, By the name of our born country.

Or maybe we just say hello, I’m Stephen have you met me?

Some of you may get upset because I say I’m Brown,

While others get it 100% without expecting me to expound.


One day we will all learn a fact, and get the bigger picture,

Our skin is our body’s protection, not how we judge a character.


So yes, we have been doing it wrong, for many, many years.

Crossing streets and hiding purses, because of ignorance and fears.


So hopefully my words helped one or maybe even three.

To step closer to that glorious dream, of being united and free.


To bond with our fellow man, regardless of our looks.

To take a stand for justice and create new history books.


Because once we wake up to life and really truly see.

That this Brown Skin Black man, Is an American human being.

No matter what my background, or the color of my skin.

Just take the time to know me because there are treasures within.


And I will do the same to you, we have to make a start,

To stop judging by our skin and start looking at our hearts.

So, God Created Human Beings in His own Image, Genesis 1:27 NLT

The Brown Skin Black Man Born In America

© Copyright 2022 Stephen Lewis

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