New Mexico! How Much More Nasty is Going to be Allowed? Lawsuit filed against CYFD accuses former juvenile corrections officer of sexual abuse


This angers me! Where there is smoke there is fire, the old saying in news reporting goes. I started in news in 1978 at the Minnesota State News Network. I am beyond frustrated with New Mexico! We have to stop killing God’s babies! I put God and his babies first. God has blessed New Mexico so very much with a beautiful landscape, and so many other things. But, so many do not obey God. I get asked why we live in New Mexico many times by our out-of-state friends. It is because God has us here to be missionaries for Him. We love all people, all over God’s World. We are here to serve, God has assigned us to carry out The Great Commission, showing the light of Jesus to one person at a time. We got a note from one of our ministry supporters in the Midwest who said, “You are on the front lines for Jesus.” I continue to be shocked by the lack of influence the Church has on this state. Children are dying by abortion, murder, etc….this outfit CYFD, is evil. Death of 1-month old in Valencia County. I have said over and over since 1995, tear it down and start over! It has turned into a rats nest. I can tell you this that God is not happy at all with how HIS CHILDREN are being treated here in New Mexico! HOW CAN HE BE! HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY WHO GIVES US ALL LIFE! Then you have these thugs who drive drunk and drive those off-road vehicles like the one that struck and killed the little boy in December at the River of lights!!! ‘Trauma that will never go away’: Father of boy killed in hit-and-run speaks Why in the name of God has Albuquerque allowed these thugs to rule the roads??? There have been no changes in the dysfunction of New Mexico since we moved here in 1995, it just gets worse. I am not a politician, I am a Pastor who will preach JESUS until I die. I am not here to appease anybody, I am a servant of God Almighty, not man. Sharon and I stand for LIFE not death. Child Abuse in New Mexico Doubles. New Mexico has long had one of the worst rates of child food insecurity in the country. In 2020, 26% of New Mexico children experienced food insecurity, which is up from pre-COVID-19 levels of 22%. Due to COVID-19, food insecurity in one county was as high as 38% in 2020. Now New Mexico has brought more evil to children by legalizing pot, this mind altering drug is going to do so much harm. How Pot effects the mind and body Shame!

New Mexico is being overrun by evil. New Mexico continues to show it does not take good care of God’s children.

I ask every New Mexican, How can you allow this evil?

If God handed out report cards, New Mexico would get a big F!

Lawsuit filed against CYFD accuses former juvenile corrections officer of sexual abuse


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How do you want to be remembered?

I have officiated more funerals in the last two years than in the last 17! God has taught me so very much, I have learned so much about people, the depths of their hearts. But, I also have great sorrow in my heart and soul. I have seen a Mom and Dad bury their 8-year-old little girl, a 39-year-old man being buried by his parents, many World War II veterans, and many children burying their parents. I am so very blessed by God to be with people during this time. How are you going to finish your life here on earth? Mark Twain once said, “Live you life so that at your funeral, even the undertaker cries.” I will always remember Pastor Zeh, who officiated my Mom’s funeral service, he cried all the way through his message about by Mom! What a Mom! That really sticks with me! PTL! I pray that I get to preach JESUS until the very day He calls me home.

This message by Richard D. Land of The Christian Post is so very awesome………

How do you want to be remembered?


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