May the Lord awaken society by restoring the Church to the way of Christ and His apostles.

Adrian Rogers: God is not going to give spiritual power to rebels. Why should God release the anointing power of the Holy Spirit upon your life when you’re not living in obedience? The Holy Spirit is there to get His work done. God gives the power of the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him. God is not going to give Spiritual Power to Rebels

The message is SPOT ON! Too many Christians in America have made politics their religion, putting their ugly politics above GOD ALMIGHTY! I have been saying this for years! So many Christians, including way too many Pastors, have drank the political Kool-Aid! The last 7 years has been a disaster for America and the Church. Politics is the playground of Satan, which again, I have said for years! The Church in America has paid a deep price for making political candidates “God Like.” Church attendance is down in America and this is one of the leading causes. I KNOW! I hear it all the time! Politicians who use foul language, say ugly things about women, etc…..are not Biblical. You see, we are to show Jesus to the world, not evil. Satan is having a great time in America. So many are blinded by Satan. So many Americans need to repent and seek the face of Jesus and not be led by politicians.

Whatever happened to Christians vetting political candidates with the Word of God?

Freedom is not found in politics, pure freedom is only found in JESUS!

Kurt Bunda: Regardless of where you land politically or what you believe about any of the many issues that exist, if you are a Christ-follower, you must do your best to look, sound and be like Jesus. Do You Have The Fruit of The Spirit?

Many, not a few, politicians put themselves above God! They have such a BIG EGO! Do you know what ego stands for? Edging God Out! We continue to see this play out in America! I pray you see this! We are paying a deep price for so called leaders with BIG EGOES! Sinful! We used to say ‘in the day’ check your ego at the door! We also used to say ‘back in the day’ God does not need any egomaniacs!!!! It is a disease in the body of Christ. I see it! I hear it! I need to start a column…'”Back in the Day” When the Church preached The Ten Commandments!

From Adrian Rogers:


When people are filled with pride, do you know what happens to them? They do not receive the grace of God because God gives grace to the humble. When a person is full of pride, grace is withdrawn, and God sets up a barricade against that person. God resists the proud. Now that’s bad enough, but go down to verse eight. First Peter 5:8 says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Can you imagine an individual like this? Devoid of the grace of God; God resisting him; Satan circling to devour him. That’s what pride does. Nothing puts a person more out of the reach of Satan than genuine humility.

  • How can you know if you are driven by pride or humility?
  • How does following Jesus lead us to humility?


Consider the areas of pride in your life. Take intentional and prayerful steps toward humility in these places today.

The following message was written by Joseph Mattera as an op-ed in THE CHRISTIAN POST:

In Mark 8:15, Jesus warned the disciples about the leaven of Herod. He explained that the leaven of the Pharisees was hypocrisy but did not elaborate on the leaven of Herod. Since Herod was a political leader, I believe it is likely that the leaven Jesus was warning against was political entanglements. I believe that such entanglements often pollute a person’s pure devotion to the Kingdom of God.

By leaven, Jesus refers to a substance, like yeast, that causes dough to rise. In this article, I use it as a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it negatively. Since political maneuvers take place in every realm of life, including the sphere of religion, I will focus on political entanglements regarding the civic realm, the Church and Christians.

7 signs the leaven of Herod has taken root in your life

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