“What Would Jesus Do?”


FGGAM received The following letter from Rodney Byam of Lakefield, Minnesota:

Rodney Byam

 In the 1990’s One heard the term “what would Jesus do?” a lot.  Times have changed, people have changed. Former president Obama said “I will fundamentally change America”; little did we know, it was not political rhetoric as we all have heard political speeches before, what he meant.

We, the people are in danger of losing our citizenship in America, fewer, and fewer people volunteer in our churches and communities, fewer people join in the democratic process of running for township, city and county as well as state leadership roles.

The lefts “wokeness” has convinced the willing corporate news media for the past forty years of programming by the progressive party, it would take nearly thirty years for many of us to realize that the progressives had taken over the democratic party, the party of Humphrey and Kennedy, unfortunately most democrats have still never realized that change had taken place. The liberal media makes it up as they go, and their listeners and readers unfortunately cannot believe that there could be a conspiracy of these proportions.

For God’s Glory Alone Ministries is truly a news organization based on the teaching of Jesus.  Every article, every decision on content, every decision Pastor Dewey Moede its founder, prays about, His ministry is so unique that many actual news organizations follow him, it isn’t that his news is flashy designed to gain readership, it is because it is true content.

PASTOR Dewey follows his organizations name “For Gods Glory Alone” he truly takes the term, “What would Jesus do” to heart and follows through. I do not use this description lightly; I have known Pastor Dewey most of his life and have never met another person like him. In fact, I always feel better after I have talked with him.

I asked Dewey “Why Albuquerque”.  I  have relatives there and I love the balloon fiesta. His reply to  me was “You don’t preach to the choir, there so much corruption and crime and darkness of hearts here in Albuquerque, this is exactly where I need to be.” I would have to agree that he is exactly where he needs to be.

In addition to getting up at 3:00 a.m. every morning to peruse the overnight media, and on many Sundays he travels to preach a church in need. I think would take down a younger minister. A ministry like For God’s glory Alone is not only needed but, it is a ministry that pales all others. It is to me personally a ministry that cannot fail in it’s mission, too many people depend on its continued success.

Rodney Byam

Lakefield, Minnesota

A Note from Pastor Dewey:

We here at FGGAM thank our Dear Friends in Christ that help us so much with their support of showing us the love of JESUS like Rodney Byam! We thank all those that put forth love offerings to FGGAM over the past year! Would you consider giving a love offering to help fuel our engines in 2022? We are really hitting the streets and phones at this present time, as the need for one on one ministry has grown. I never thought I would hear the words, “What is going to happen to us” from Americans. It sounds like people from Europe during World War II. Truth! We are at war. Spiritual Warfare! We attempt to educate Christians on Spiritual Warfare, The Great Commission, JESUS is the answer, not politics! When God ordained the ministry of FGGAM, 10 years ago this coming August, He told me to show JESUS to one person at a time. We are a one on one ministry, speaking into each individual the love of Jesus! We use the JESUS CAR to get to the streets, to circuit preach, to travel to do funerals, so many this year! I have done more funerals this year than the past 17 years! We do radio in southwestern Minnesota, scripture ads in three newspapers in southwestern Minnesota. Our social media efforts reach the world. Our website has reached 7 million people over the last 9 1/2 years! Our podcast/radio sermons, ‘House of Hope’ reach all over God’s World! Please pray about helping us as we go forth into 2022 and beyond.

Donate to FGGAM LOVE OFFERING Tax Deductible.

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