We All Need to Do Better!


My Mommy and Daddy always taught me, “Never blame others for your problems.”

The model of the America Church must change……no more walls….we must walk as JESUS did…

Yes, I am an old preacher/newsman……I have years on me….it becomes a heavy load as I see America crumble right before my eyes. I see families being torn apart in record numbers, I see crime out of control, I see no discipline. DISCIPLINE! It all starts at home. The government thinks it can spend its way out of these problems and by passing new laws. Baloney! America need better families. America needs better Dads and Mothers. A lot of the problem is many parents have not had proper training on how to be a good parent, because their parents also were also never modeled good parenting. The breakdown of the family has been going on for many years in America. Divorce, drugs, booze, crime, child abuse, on and on we go. The government thinks money can solve all this, HORRIBLE! It is time to stop pouring money down rat holes. The Church has a vital role in this…..carrying out The Great Commission and reaching people with the love of JESUS! America needs missionaries to go where the hurting are, instead of the America Church expecting people to come to them! Many in the Church like to shout out, but its like preaching to the choir. The Church is to be the hospital for the hurting not a fancy dancy entertainment center. How many homeless, drug addicts, mentally and physically disabled people come to your Church? How many families in distress come to your Church? How many children are in your Sunday school? If the Church was being effective in America we would not have as many problems we have. What happened to in-home visits? Church it takes more than your Pastor to carry the load here, we all must be in the fight for souls for JESUS! We all must hit the streets for JESUS. The Lord has shown me that I am more effective for HIM by being on the road and streets, than preaching in a Church. I love babies, I want them to learn right from wrong, I want them to grow up in love and accountability. I want them to know JESUS. I want them to be safe. My heart breaks for what happened in Michigan, all those that lost loved ones, lives changed in seconds, never to be the same again. The baby that was killed in New Mexico where was the help for that family?? Death of infant in Valencia County raises questions New Mexico’s CYFD is a horrible government agency that New Mexicans have entrusted to take care of children! Dysfunction at its best! Many make it sound like it is the government should be raising these children! NO! NO! It is God’s people that are to help. The government makes a mess, they just spend money. All people need the love of Jesus, it is our job to show them that, model them that love and care. We all need to do a better job of raising our children, yes they are OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE. Reach out before its to late. It seems this family in Michigan needed help. Below you will also see a link of a story from Albuquerque of guns being fired last night during Christmas shopping.

Time for the walls to come down Church……My friend Pastor Kyle Martin of Time to Revive in Dallas travels and walks the streets almost everyday to share Jesus…..I try and do the same here in Albuquerque….I believe if every Pastor in America would walk the streets of their community to build bridges of love and trust with folks, we would see more and more people come to JESUS! It is not going to happen within the walls. Too much preaching to the choir is going on, too much ‘busy work.’

I know the difference, my Christian foundation was built in Windom, Minnesota in the late 50’s and early 60’s, by my family, Sunday school teachers, Pastor, school teachers, neighbors…..I want every child to have what I have.

JESUS is always the answer, He made it so easy for us! He put it all down in the Bible.

I do not think JESUS is going to ask you what kind of carpet or sound system your Church had!

It seems to me the America Church is like a Fire Department trying to fight a raging fire but the trucks never leave the fire hall.

The District Attorney in this case said yesterday, “We need to do better.” Amen, we all do, we all need to do better, what we are doing is failing big time.

What are you going to do about it?

The breakdown of the family……

Authorities had been searching for the Crumbley since about noon Friday after they were charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths at the high school in Michigan. Their son, Ethan Crumbley, 15, is accused of fatally shooting four students and injuring seven others at the suburban Detroit high school on Tuesday.

Parents of accused killer in Michigan school shooting arrested after vehicle was found in Detroit

Dispute results in a shots fired call near Old Town Plaza

Record Murder Count Goes up in ABQ, This will only get worse, people expect new laws..etc to stop this movement by Satan…..hearts need to be given to JESUS

Dr. Jim Denison shared this with us this week…….

I was gratified to read in the Washington Post that evangelicals in Texas are creating a “maternity ranch” and finding other life-affirming ways to help pregnant women. I was also deeply impressed to read in the Washington Post about the racially inclusive congregation of Bethlehem Apostolic Temple in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Its pastor, Rev. Darrell Cummings, notes: “We’re not a Black church or a white church. We’re just a church.” The article adds that the church “floods social services into the community.” Rev. Cummings explains: “We’re just showing love.”

The Washington Post is a highly influential but highly “progressive” platform. If evangelical Christians can catch its eye by serving those in need, God can use your influence in cultural ways that might surprise you.

“The source of national purpose”

John F. Kennedy stated: “I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, human liberty as the source of national action, the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas.”

Let’s speak the truth in love to all four, to the glory of God.

Team Jesus, This is such a good read, very important research for you and your Pastor. Please make sure to share this post with all. This report shows we have much work to do. That is why I will preach The Great Commission until the day the Lord calls me home. Not only with I preach it, I will do it, as it is a command from our LORD!



Eric Geiger

The American Bible Society released a very robust report on their findings from a large research project on the “state of the Bible.” There are some very encouraging trends related to Bible engagement among Americans and the major impact Bible engagement has upon us. According to research, reading the Bible increases our joy, our outlook on life, our likelihood to be good neighbors, and our ability to forgive others. The research also reveals some troubling and concerning trends, trends which ministry leaders should be burdened over and pray for wisdom in how to address.

5 Major Concerns About the State of the Bible in the U.S.

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