PRAY TEAM JESUS! Magdalena, NM Girls Basketball Coach and Her Niece Are Killed in Car Wreck


I was made aware of this tragedy on Saturday, but I out of respect for the families and the Girls basketball team and the people of Magdalena, I did not want to mention anything until I knew a bit more. First of all I am stunned. I identify with the folks in Magdalena, as I am from a small town. From time to time I preach there, I have many friends in Magdalena. Magdalena is a a community that cares so much about each other and to have the Girls Basketball Coach Marleen Greenwood and her niece killed in a car wreck before a tournament game, really is a shock. The posts on Facebook about the Coach are so very touching, they make me weep. Let us pray for the Greenwood family, the Girls Team, The school and staff, and the entire community as they mourn.

The Team went on to play the tournament game and won! What a tribute to Coach Greenwood and the Magdalena Girls BB Team! This is from State Rep. Gail Armstrong’s Facebook page: Marleen’s girls chose to play this game because that’s what their coach would have wanted. Each girl put their tournament T-shirt on their coach’s chair and classmates, players, fans and visiting teams lined up when the girls came out. They battled hard to beat a tough team and to win for Coach Greenwood. We are proud of these girls and thankful for the life lessons they learned from such an amazing lady.

The Journal confirmed Magdalena Steers varsity girls basketball coach Marleen Greenwood and her young niece were killed in the three-vehicle crash.

ABQ Journal Report

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very, very tough

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