I found this news story at the Mpls Star/Tribune. I am telling you, our young people are facing things that we older folks never have. I am going to be 66, I have never seen America so evil! Also the political turmoil of the last 6 years has done great damage to all us us, both the Dems and GOP are behaving awful! The political climate in America stinks to ‘high heaven!’ My heart breaks for our children to grow up in such a time as this. My Daddy always told me to ‘leave this world a better place than I found it” I am sorry Daddy, I have failed. This is not what me and Sharon envisioned for our Children and our grandchildren. I am here to tell you its going to be a very dark winter here in America.

Mpls Star and Trib:

Isolation. Anxiety. Uncertainty. The stresses of the coronavirus pandemic have taken a toll on Americans of all ages, but a new poll finds that teens and young adults have faced some of the heaviest struggles as they come of age during a time of extreme turmoil.

Overall, more than a third of Americans ages 13 to 56 cite the pandemic as a major source of stress, and many say it has made certain parts of their lives harder. But when it comes to education, friendships and dating, the disruption has had a pronounced impact among Generation Z, according to a new survey from MTV Entertainment Group and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Pandemic stress weighs heavily on Gen Z: AP-NORC, MTV poll

Some Minnesota nonprofits give employees time off to cope with 2020 fatigue

Team Jesus, This is such a good read, very important research for you and your Pastor. Please make sure to share this post with all. This report shows we have much work to do. That is why I will preach The Great Commission until the day the Lord calls me home. Not only with I preach it, I will do it, as it is a command from our LORD!



Eric Geiger

The American Bible Society released a very robust report on their findings from a large research project on the “state of the Bible.” There are some very encouraging trends related to Bible engagement among Americans and the major impact Bible engagement has upon us. According to research, reading the Bible increases our joy, our outlook on life, our likelihood to be good neighbors, and our ability to forgive others. The research also reveals some troubling and concerning trends, trends which ministry leaders should be burdened over and pray for wisdom in how to address.

5 Major Concerns About the State of the Bible in the U.S.

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