Pastoring a Small Church Is Not a Penalty, It’s a Specialty, a Calling


Pictured above is the First Baptist Church of Glenwood, New Mexico where I am blessed to fill the pulpit for my hero of faith Pastor David Schumm from time to time! Love Pastor Dave’s congregation!

I love this message by Pastor Karl Vaters! My mentors, my heroes of faith all are from small Churches! They are my heroes. The have mentored me JESUS! JESUS! My list is long….From California to Maine. I preach in small Churches, I have learned so very much about JESUS and His people. It is a calling that God placed in my life, to serve small Churches. I have always have been able to do more with less, God gave me that gift. I do not need fancy dancy to go forth for my Lord. I do not need the crazy life of Hollywood that has come into the American Church! You want to see JESUS CLEARY??? Go to a small Church! God has educated me by serving people at one at a time. Years ago I preached a Christmas Eve service at FBC in Reserve, NM to three people. I treasure people. God has taught me to love more and more. Every life is precious. I get calls all the time people looking for a Church, sadly many do not even personally know their Pastor, because they are in a huge Church. I need to know the heart and soul of Pastors. I want to see the fruit. A Pastor of a small Church in most cases, is also the custodian and a key counselor to many in the community, even those that do not go to Church. They have to have another job, in many cases to survive. They are my heroes!

Over the last almost 10 years I have met so many wonderful Pastors. What a blessing! What an education! Love you all! You all have helped me become a better man of God!

I love it when I can help, when they need a vacation.

It is the small Churches in rural America that give me hope!

Pastoring a Small Church Is Not a Penalty, It’s a Specialty, I will add it is also a calling!

Does Pastoring a Small Church for Decades Make Me a Failure?

So many never know what their true calling is………

Do You Know Your Calling? What does it mean to be called by God?

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