The Governor of New Mexico continues to operate like the ‘Queen of New Mexico’!!! Instead of a Governor, now she has gone against the Supreme Court! I have never seen anything like this! My head is spinning!

We just got this news release:

Statement from House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia), in response to MLG spending $269,000 in spite of NM Supreme Court’s ruling against her administration’s usurping of New Mexican’s COVID relief funds:

“It is not a surprise that Michelle Lujan Grisham would ignore the Supreme Court’s decision when they ruled against her, it’s similar to a child who doesn’t get their way. This administration, as directed by her, has unilaterally grabbed power and ignored the Constitution, apparently caring little about the rule of law. For 632 long days, she has sidelined the people’s Representatives and Senators in favor of a near dictatorship that excludes even her colleague Democrat leaders, spending money willy-nilly. We hear more and more whispers in backrooms about the damage she is doing within her party and see the damage done to our state. Hopefully a few more Democrats will stand for the people instead of bending to her will. Also, she definitely needs to pay the people back for this malfeasance in handling emergency COVID relief.”

Gov. Lujan Grisham to call for special session on redistricting, COVID-19 relief fund appropriation

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