My answer is always the same to the problems: JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! I am a very boring person in this world we live in. I do not know this world, it is not the America I grew up in. We have another school shooting in America, more of our children are being killed. This young man in Michigan had been screaming for help! He did not get the help he needed. My heart breaks so much for those that were killed and wounded and for the young man. I just shake my head on the parents lack of action in the life of their son! We, the Church need to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION and reach folks before all hell breaks lose. This is all Spiritual Warfare, families being torn apart by Satan. The fabric of the American family is bring torn apart faster than ever by Satan.

You cannot legislate morality. JESUS is the answer! The falling away in America continues at a record pace…what will the ‘new normal; look like? What will America look like in just 1 year? Worse, I beleive. It is going to be a long, dark winter. KNOW JESUS!!! JESUS is always the answer! JESUS made it simple for us, He put all the guidelines in His book, problem is, fewer and fewer Americas have a Bible.

Politics and more laws are not the answer, politics is the playground of Satan!

State lawmakers push for gun penalties

Michigan school shooting probe widens beyond suspect, parents

The Church in America is missing the boat by not addressing these issues.

Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil

What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO!

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