As we all prepare for another Christmas celebration with our families and friends. I cannot help but think about the 150 million homeless people worldwide. Or the fact that there are around 811 million people that still go hungry each day. It saddens me to read these numbers when the rest of us have so much. We have roofs over our heads and cupboards that are completely full of food. Aa well as dressers and closets full of clothing, with extra to spare.

It is December 2021 and we as people, as nations, as a world has been through so much in the past 2 years. I do believe it’s time for humanity to get a reset on compassion. A reset that will focus more on others than ourselves. A reset that will cause us to see the hurting and the suffering throughout the year. A reset that will open our eyes to those who truly are hurting and suffering. I want to be a part of that reset, and I hope you will join me.

As we gather around the table, and not only remember those we have lost this year while sharing in meals, fun, laughter, and gifts. May we also remember those who are living on the streets, exposed to the elements, in tents, under tarps, or anywhere else where they can find shelter. As well as the hungry from the children to the senior citizens. Remember them all and pray for them that they will be provided for in this coming year. So, I close with this, may you all be blessed as you spend quality time together this Christmas and I hope this message with give you something to think about in the new year ahead. Blessings and Love to You All. Merry Christmas

Stephen Lewis

Relevance For Today Ministry

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