Huge! From the highways and byways of Western New Mexico to the global super highway of the Internet


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Huge! From the highways and byways of Western New Mexico to the global super highway of the Internet, huge is the word that describes the depth and breadth of God’s love Bother Dewey and Sister Sharon Moede pour out on the world for which Jesus died.  Their ministry is truly For God’s Glory Alone!


Throughout America and across the globe, Brother Dewey and Sister Sharon proclaim the goodness of God’s love to those sitting in darkness and encourage His church dwelling in the light of God’s salvation to engage in transforming His world.


Few ministries on the planet have a reach of 4.8 million men and women, both young and old!  4.8 million is more than twice the population of the state of New Mexico!  Through every form of communication Dewey reaches out.


Passing on the torch in addition to the Gospel, Dewey’s message, reaches especially younger adults 18-24 who are thirsty for Truth in a world that denies that Truth exists.  Truth exists. His name is Jesus! And Dewey tells these young people so, as he loves them right into His kingdom with his seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm.


When I was a young newly believing Christian, a wise older brother told me, “If God is your partner, make your plans big!”  Dewey has gone beyond “big” to “HUGE!”   For God’s Glory Alone Ministry has a huge influence across the world for the King and His kingdom.


Please join a global family of Christians with prayers and financial suppor for

Brother Dewey and Sister Sharon as they continue to serve strong in 2022 For God’s Glory Alone!


Your Brother In Christ,


Pastor and Congressman Bill Redmond. Ret

Los Alamos, NM

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