Holiday Thoughts 2021

As I sit at this big table eating all this food.

I see the waste, the gluttony, and wonder if it’s rude.


To not be truly thankful, just entitled like the rest,

We’ve spent our hard-earned money to truly have the best.


Turkeys, hams, & chickens, veggies, bread, and pie,

We’ve cooked up so much food and really don’t know why.


This day we should be thankful, to what hmmm maybe me,

I work, I sweat to make my pay that’s obvious you see.


But is it about me or others who don’t have?

A roof or a table or anything I might add.


So maybe it’s time for a change, I’m thinking less not more,

Because it’s actually not about me but giving to the poor.


Helping the less fortunate by giving what they need.

Because obviously to keep it all would be defined as greed.


So, take the time to share and not only on thanksgiving,

Sharing what you have with others, is truly righteous living.

By Stephen Lewis

© Stephen Lewis 2021

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