Don’t Abandon the Church



By Kelly Williams, Op-Ed Contributor

We are now almost two years into this COVID pandemic, and emotionally and spiritually we are starting to see the toll that this season is taking on the hearts of God’s people, especially families with children and students.

Both nationally and locally, as a pastor, I have observed and read that the online church engagement has dropped drastically in the past few months, yet in person attendance has not seen a huge increase in most places.

Don’t abandon the Church

5 Major Concerns About the State of the Bible in America

Team Jesus, This is such a good read, very important research for you and your Pastor. Please make sure to share this post with all. This report shows we have much work to do. That is why I will preach The Great Commission until the day the Lord calls me home. Not only with I preach it, I will do it, as it is a command from our LORD!



Eric Geiger

The American Bible Society released a very robust report on their findings from a large research project on the “state of the Bible.” There are some very encouraging trends related to Bible engagement among Americans and the major impact Bible engagement has upon us. According to research, reading the Bible increases our joy, our outlook on life, our likelihood to be good neighbors, and our ability to forgive others. The research also reveals some troubling and concerning trends, trends which ministry leaders should be burdened over and pray for wisdom in how to address.

5 Major Concerns About the State of the Bible in the U.S.

Few Americans Confident They Could Tell Biblical Christmas Story



Aaron Earls


Most people in America may hang Christmas decorations and exchange gifts on December 25, but few say they could give all the details about the biblical Christmas story.

Lifeway Research study finds 9 in 10 U.S. adults say they celebrate Christmas, including many non-Christians. Overall, 91% of Americans celebrate the Christmas holiday, unchanged from 2010.

“Americans may celebrate the Christmas holiday in many different ways, but very few skip a Christmas celebration completely,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research. “Even many of those who aren’t as familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth find ways to observe the holiday.”

Lifeway Research: Few Americans Confident They Could Tell Biblical Christmas Story

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