Albuquerque is Completely Out of Control: ABQ Business Owner: “We don’t know if our building’s going to get burnt down, we’re afraid for our employees”


Albuquerque is a city filled with thugs! The murder rate is soaring! No end in site to all these killings! Our Law Enforcement Officers are overwhelmed! Hearts need to be given to Jesus, we, as people of God, must carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! I will preach that until Pastors and all Christians understand that! What the Church is doing here in Albuquerque is not brining many people into the Kingdom of God. As my mentor, Pastor Don Kimbro says, “For years the Church has not been baptizing enough people.” We are failing to be ‘soul savers’ for JESUS! No more pep rally’s please! Hit the streets! Bring down the walls! Stop preaching to the choir so much! Fancy dancy is not getting the work done for JESUS! We all need to build bridges of love and trust! What are you doing about it????


This situation is so very dangerous for our Law Enforcement Officers and all those that own and work in stores. It also can be dangerous for customers. Just a couple of days ago a thug robbed a store near us at gun point, the store was filled with people. I am here to tell you this is a very dangerous situation……it will get worse…my prayer is that no one is killed. Beware of your surroundings at all times. It is horrible that since he was re-elected Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller has been quite! I know he cannot stop the crime, but at least he should show vocal support for our Police and Community! I think its past time the Mayor do ride-a-longs with the Police. At the very least the Mayor should do patrol of Paso and all our drag strips in Albuquerque! Speed, drunk driving, pot heads……driving and destroying! I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR THE SAFTEY OF ALL PEOPLE! It is not fair to put this all on the back of our Law Enforcement heroes! Where is Sheriff Manny by the way? Since his defeat I have not heard but a peep from him as the County rages in crime.

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