Thankfulness in 2021


As we many celebrate the day of thanksgiving with food, family, friends, football, parades, and more, may we always remember those who are not with us. The empty seats at the table as well as all the lives that were lost many years ago. If we take a look at history we will find so many different things relating to this holiday and how it came about. We will read about the Puritans/ Pilgrims, (who deserted Europe based on religious circumstances) as well as the community that was formed in the United States between Native Americans and these individuals who traveled across the seas in hopes of a new place to live. History as you all know can be seen as (His – Story) a recount told by many people based on how they saw things. We can definitely all agree that many lives were lost over time and that is truly sad. Unfortunately, we cannot go back and change history but we can show respect and do our own research about it, the good, bad, and ugly parts.

The amazing thing about history is we can learn from it and try to never repeat it when it comes to the negative and focus on the positive. Also keeping in mind that many of us weren’t alive back when certain things took place so we must be careful not to hate others for something they never did.

I say all this to say as you center your day around family and food, remember all those who do not have any food or a roof over their head. Think of those things that you should be thankful for, like life in general.  Be thankful for the family and friends you have in your life as well. I am sure you all have your special list of things you can be thankful for, so be sure to focus on what’s important. For those of you who have Jesus in your life always be thankful for Salvation and so much more. On that same note for those of you who do not have Jesus Christ in your life, do not wait another day to find out about Him.

So with that being said, I want to say have a blessed Thanksgiving, learn about the history of this day as well as many other holidays that we celebrate throughout the year.

And lastly, remember to enjoy each day because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Take care of each other, Blessings and Love To You ALL!

By Stephen Lewis

© Stephen Lewis 2021

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