Good Morning Beautiful People… Do You Believe John 7:38?


Do You Believe John 7:38?

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I recently had an experience that made me take notice of the power that is in us when the Father, his son, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit is alive and active in our lives. Somebody shout three in one.

My daughter and I ate at a restaurant and they are of a different belief. This is America where you can be free to believe as you choose. Many people are trying to discover truth. Life puts us all on a journey.

As the chef prepared our meals before our eyes, he would occassionally glance my way and say things like, you make me nervous, you from the health department? I would just smile, laugh really and reply with a smile and a no. The next glance around the group of people in which came my way, he said I think she’s, a parole officer, I’m getting back on the boat. The nine people that were all seated together, laughed. I knew only two folks sitting around this half circle with a grill, one being my daughter and another young lady from the same city I live in, was there as well.

I feel I am sort of a quiet person and I would have said very little. He knew there was something different, without me saying a word. He could tell by the spirit of God that lives within me. I said a little prayer for him as I enjoyed the extra shrimp he placed on my plate. Everyone wants to know truth, at least I hope and pray they do.

The lady to my right as I began to prepare to leave, said to me. The man, he knew you were different, and she inquired of who I was. I told her I was a minister and an inspirational writer and we laughed some more. Hey, in my world, it’s all about Jesus.

The Bible tells us that out of our belly shall flow rivers of living water in John 7:38. Read John 7 today and let’s thank God, the one true God in which man can be saved that he died for all mankind. Our God is alive and he is living on the inside of us. Let’s thank him for drawing man to himself and thank him for leading us today and every day, by the power of his spirit. Amen? Amen.

Let’s Pray

Father, thank you for removing the scales from peoples eyes all across this globe today, that the enemy of their soul has blinded them. Father, people want to know truth. Lead us all into truth today, as we journey life with you. Show yourself strong in our world today.

Father, thank you for revival, an awakening. Sharpen our ears to hear your voice, as you speak to us today. We want to know Jesus more and more. Father, we want the power of the trinity to flow through us in our church services all across this globe today.

Father, may the doors of the buildings that are open, open with power today. May the Holy Spirit have free reign and may people be drawn to come and find the truth they have been searching for. May they too be filled with the Holy Spirit and out of their bellies flow rivers of living water. Amen.

Somebody shout, let the river flow, let the river flow! From the crown of Maine to seven continents of the world, let the river flow.

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Believe in John 7:38.

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