God Said They’d be Days Like This


This is the third day in a row that I’ve woken up angry. Monday was as a teacher, Tuesday I was angry with David (who has been making me breakfast in bed multiple times this week, so don’t tell him; and then this morning I woke up angry at a Preacher from Wadsworth, Ohio who I adore. All three times were because of the dreams that I had, that were so vivid I would have sworn they were real. The reasoning behind each one upsetting my soul was that the characters in the dreams weren’t doing what they were supposed to do. Teacher didn’t teach, David (I really don’t know what he didn’t do, I just know he made me mad, you know, it’s a Mr. and Mrs. thing.) And this morning, the preacher didn’t preach.

In my dream I had been so excited to hear this preacher preach that I skipped my own church homecoming. Well, that wouldn’t happen in real life, but it happened in this dream. When I got there, I was ready to hear the word of God! But what I got was the same thing I got from the teacher on Monday. Gibberish. No gospel, just ear pleasing words for the world. I left the service defeated and confused as to why this gospel preaching preacher had gone by the world’s standards and given up sound doctrine.

Why indeed?

Do I think it’s a sign? Yes, that I need to talk to my Doc about my meds, but other than that, not really. It does give cause for concern, because both the teacher and the preacher are positions of great power and authority as well as accountability. Some school board officials might want to think about that, and what they’ll stand accountable for exposing our children to, just saying.   There are some people with a calling to teach, and there are some people who answered someone else’s phone! Why do cranky, nasty, intolerant people become teachers?

As for preachers, a real honest to goodness preacher is appointed by God, not man. But as is the case in many other aspects of life, man has assumed the role of God, or so they think. They’ve actually assumed the role of the god of this world, Satan. Which is why I woke up angry.

When Paul spoke to the worldly church of Corinth, he gave this warning:

2 Corinthians 4:1-5 KJVS

[1] Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; [2] But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. [3] But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: [4] In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. [5] For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

The Ministry

We have this ministry… Yes indeed we do! And these are exciting times. While every age lives in an age that no one has lived in before, the current age is like watching the words of the gospel play out on a movie screen. For the saved it should be obvious that we need to be busy getting people saved, and when you speak with active church folk that’s what they believe, but there’s not any action on the screen. It’s as if we’re just sitting in the Theatre waiting for the actors to show up. But we’re the actors!

Paul said “we” have this ministry. There are no other players showing up this season, we’re it. And we’ve got to get busy.

The Mercy

Mercy is the driving force for me. When I look back on the mercy the Lord has bestowed on me in my lifetime, I am beyond in awe that He would go to such extremes for a failure such as a I. I have let Him down on so many occasions I’m surprised He hasn’t just kicked me to the curb and gotten a new Jesus Chick. I repeatedly say “I’m struggling,” and yet I do very little to fix it. I know some things need to change in my life, but I’ve found multiple excuses to leave them the same. Can anyone else identify with me? Oxen aren’t the only critters that fall in ditches. People do too. And I seem to have been stuck in a ditch lately trying to wiggle my way out but low and behold I just bury myself deeper.

I need mercy!

Saturday morning as I was doing laundry in my wonderful new machine (that I love) I noticed that the sheets had balled up and I decided to un-ball them. In my great wisdom I opened the front loading washer door, bent over at face level, and pulled the sheets apart. Sheets filled with bleach and detergent… at face level. I suddenly had massive chest pain. I’m not exaggerating the massive part. It took my breath away… or was it the bleach I asked myself. The pain radiated into my back and rather than calling 911, I called my husband David. My go to for times of stress. He told me to go to the hospital, but I didn’t think it was necessary. I told you I need mercy! So he talked to me for a few minutes and I sat in the chair for about an hour until the pain stopped…. No wait it didn’t stop.  To which my conclusion was if it were a heart attack I’d have already died. I’m not making this stuff up, this is what goes on in my head. This is why I had three heart attacks and the Lord extended me mercy in 2018. Mercy in the form of open heart surgery. Which still didn’t teach me a lesson.

I told you that, not to let you know how very ignorant I am, but to tell you there was some bargaining with God in the waiting room of my pain.

“God, please don’t let this be a heart attack, I have work to do.   There are people I need to see saved, and people I need to tell about Jesus, and I know I’m stupid, and You know I’m stupid. Please have mercy…”

I won’t say that’s verbatim, but it’s close. And I feel the same way a few days after the pain has stopped. I feel the urgency to tell people about Jesus.

The Message

The message is hid from people because Satan has blinded them to see what spiritual minds can see. What a privilege to be among those who can see. Do we understand that privilege? I doubt it. I know too many people who profess salvation but have no desire to share the gospel. That glorious message for which we’ve been given, we are the elite of the Lord and yet we choose to sit at the mercy seat of God and plead for more time that we’re not promised. Not one time in my arm chair pleading did I hear the Spirit say, “okay Shari, you have more time.” No, all I heard was the sound of my pleading.

So this morning as I finish this blog, I’m pleading with myself, and I’m pleading with you, Let’s get busy today. Our ministry is to share the Message… God be merciful unto us and send us souls to share to. Love you all. Mean it for realsies. Shari.

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