Does Politics Belong in the Pews?


Politics is the playground of Satan! Look what happened at the Capitol Insurrection! More devastating to America than many Christians think!! Pastors standing with evil politicians has chased many away from the Church forever! I KNOW! I HEAR FROM THEM! Shame: Christianity on display at Capitol riot sparks new debate Calling for the hanging of Vice President Mike Pence???!!! Really!!! In America!!! How sick!!!! How satanic!!!Trump dismisses rioters’ calls to hang Pence: ‘People were very angry’ ‘QAnon Shaman’ sentenced to more than 3 years in prison for role in Jan. 6 attack.  The quote at the very top of this post by my mentor Billy Graham is my calling card. I am not of this world of ungodly politics, making politicians a god. We here at FGGAM are not affiliated with any political party!!! We are affiliated with GOD ALIMIGHTY!!! WE ARE FOR GOD’S GLORY ALONE!!! I watched too many Pastors in the last 6 years or so support evil politicians, did great hard to the Bride of Christ. I have said for years…20 plus…the American political system is corrupt, evil, no good……JESUS! JESUS! is always the answer. Please do not drink the political Kool-Aid! Have communion with JESUS!

I do not think that my mentor Billy Graham would approve of how many Pastors and many Christians have become absorbed with politics and evil politicians. Billy always preached Jesus and reached out to all Presidents!

I preach about politics!!! ON HOW EVIL IT IS! I have been lied to by many of them, I have been yelled at in my years! I will continue to stand strong for JESUS not Politicians! Check their fruit! Don’t let them fool you, check their fruit basket! Do they have a personal relationship with JESUS? Vet them with the Word of God! Amen!


PREACH JESUS! JESUS is the answer to everything, not me or you or politicians!

This is a good read to have a Bible with you and a cup of coffee:

How should Christians engage in politics? For some, calling for a national religion or a political rally in a church is going too far. Yet that’s exactly what happened recently in a Texas church. The incident exposes a current divide over how people of faith think about civic involvement. Here’s what you need to know.

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