ABQ Mayor Keller Wins Big, New Stadium is Voted Down and All Nationwide Results Here


I was great to see so many people vote on the west side of Albuquerque! (Picture taken by my angel wife Sharon last evening at Gulf Course and Paso polling place) Smooth voting process. It makes me so proud to be an America that we can have our elections peacefully. I thank the Lord for that. I pray we never have to go through what happened in the last general election. It still saddens me. I pray we can always be civil, when we disagree, we can agree to disagree. Sheriff Manny Gonzales said he is SHOCKED that he lost. Sadly I am not, he finished where I thought he would. People I talked to on both sides of the fence did not want him as Mayor because of his questionable character. Election fraud is a huge NO! NO!  It is like in life, you make your own bed, you have to sleep in it. When Manny went after Mayor Keller and threw the mud at him in the KOB TV debate, he lost the election right there. If he is to run for Sheriff, he will lose at this point. It still bothers me that we have a Sheriff that has questionable ethics. It needs to be acted on! As far as Eddy Aragon is concerned, he keeps trying to gain momentum in the GOP party, but it is going slowly for the radio station owner/talk show host. It reminds me of when longtime KOB radio host Larry Ahrens ran for governor years ago, one of the most popular radio announcers in the history of New Mexico, but his political career never went anywhere. Am I happy that Mayor Keller won, no. I am thankful the voters voted down the new stadium proposal, Keller backed that with all he had, but the voters said NO! We need a new stadium like I need a hole in my head! We have so many issues in our city that need to be addressed, like raises for Police/Fire and street and sanitation employees. I am very concerned about the future of the GOP party in New Mexico. Do they have the strength, the organization, the MONEY, to win the governors seat? Sadly as you know it takes MONEY! Will the state continue to be Dem’s, anti-god? Can the New Mexico GOP do what the GOP in Virginia did? I have said for years we need a strong third party. Just final note on the Mayoral race….I did not hear at all that that the  killing of God’s babies was addressed by any of those running for Mayor. I heard crime of course, but like abortion, crime will not go down until hearts are changed for JESUS! This is the solution, the Church needs to carry out The Great Commission and be soul savers for JESUS! Politicians will talk and talk and no matter who is in office we are going to hell as a nation unless more and more come to JESUS, JESUS! Yes I am a JESUS FREAK! The Church is failing in America due to lack of action, carrying out The Great Commission, so many Christians think we can change the world by sitting at home!!! JESUS needs are laborers! GO and carry out The Great Commission! GO! It is a command, not a suggestion! What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO! It is up to you and me! No more high school pep rally’s please! Not so much preaching to the choir please! Remember only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview, its very tough out there, very, very tough, hearts hardened, but we must build bridges of love and trust with unbelievers. No surprise! Politics has failed. JESUS! JESUS! MUST BE AT THE CENTER OF EVERTHING!!! IF NOT YOU FAIL!!!!

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Unofficial election results can be found on the NM Secretary of State’s website.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver Releases Statement Following New Mexico’s Successful Regular Local Election

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver released the following statement tonight following the conclusion of voting in New Mexico’s second-ever Regular Local Election:

“Today marked another successful Regular Local Election as voters throughout New Mexico masked-up and headed to the polls to decide important local races and ballot questions. Consolidating the state’s local elections into the Regular Local Election was meant to give voters and election administrators more access and predictability in the electoral process and we’ve seen that happen again today. Voters utilized weeks of early voting prior to Election Day, the convenience of no-excuse absentee balloting, secure ballot drop boxes and same-day voter registration to participate. Poll workers and election administrators were treated with respect throughout the state. America’s democratic processes have come under attack in recent months, but New Mexicans know that our elections are a model for the nation as they are run impartially, with integrity and security, all while maintaining robust access to the ballot for voters. Thanks to all the voters who turned out today and during early voting, to all the volunteer poll workers who staffed polling sites throughout the state, and to all the election administrators who put in so much planning and preparation for today.”

Unofficial election results can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

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