Why Parents Need to STOP Trying to Make Their Kids Happy


I can’t get over all the material things, like new cars and trucks, parents buy for their kids! I had to earn my way! Bought my first car on graduation day in 1974! It was a 69 Chevy Belair, paid $550.00 for it! My own money, earned from working as a custodian at the school. Four years later I went to Brown in Minneapolis, for radio/tv, paid my own way! I was taught to earn my own way, by working! While I attended Brown I worked as the head custodian at Brown to pay for my bills while I attended school. I graduated with honors in 1978! PTL! We as a nation, are paying a deep price for giving, giving, and giving. Now we pay people not to work! Discipline is the result of working hard for your own keep.

I have never owned a new car. I have basic clothing, not fancy, dancy, my personal needs are my God, Sharon and the kids and Daisy. The rest is invested in the Kingdom of God. Look at JESUS, and how HE lived. I do not think he drove a 50 thousand dollar car or had fancy, dancy stuff. BE MORE JESUS LIKE IN ALL YOU DO AND SAY!



Leslie Leyland Fields


Dear Friends, on my recent trip down south, I visited a friend, a teacher, who told me this story about the wrong goal as parents:

“I have a little girl in my classroom who never obeys me. It’s a huge problem. So I called in her parents and told them about her disruptive behavior. They looked at me blankly for a moment, then said, ‘We never tell her no. Your rules aren’t important. Our daughter’s happiness is more important than your rules!’ Then they left!”

I’ve heard the same story from youth pastors, from other teachers, from all around us—and I know you have too. Scary stuff! The friends who were with us that night all rolled their eyes and announced “As soon as this generation of kids grows up and takes control, we’re outta here! We’re packing our bags!”

Goal as Parents: Why Parents Need to STOP Trying to Make Their Kids Happy

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