Why Lord why, I cry in confusion,

Is this life, or just an illusion.

Hatred, murder, stress, and death,

Has compassion been laid to rest?

Fears and struggles cover this land,

As we lose sight of our fellow man.

What will it take for the Gospel to spread?

Will the Body of Christ ever lift its head?

From inside the walls to answer the call,

Or does the Body even care at all?

It’s not about us it’s never been,

It’s all about Jesus and Him being seen

The world needs hope before it’s too late,

So get up, and ready because we don’t know the date.

One day He’ll return and the judgment begins,

We’ll want to hear well done, my child come on in.

So if you can relate to these words that I write,

Then do what you can and step into the fight.

By Stephen Lewis

Copyright © 2021 by Stephen Lewis

Relevance For Today Ministry

Kingdom Community Network

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