School Fights Increase in Albuquerque, PLUS: Domestic Terrorism, Gender Identity and Sexual Assault: How Will VA School District Controversy Impact the Church?


We surely need to pray for our school systems here in America. We need to pray for the safety of students and teachers. Parents have the right to be HEARD! CHILDREN NEED TO BE PROTECTED!!! GOD IS NOT HAPPY!



Stephanie Martin

When Scott Smith was arrested during a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting in June, he was called an out-of-control parent, a bigot, and even a domestic terrorist. But now the father is sharing his side of the story, and fellow parents are demanding accountability from the school system.

Like many school districts across America, the suburban county near Washington, D.C. has been embroiled in intense debates about cultural issues including critical race theory and transgender rights. Smith, however, refutes claims that he attended the meeting to harass anyone or to make political or cultural statements. Instead, he says, he was there because his ninth-grade daughter was sexually assaulted May 28 at Stone Bridge High School—in a girls’ bathroom by a gender-fluid boy wearing a skirt.

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