Reasons Why the Way You Treat Your Spouse Matters


I pray everyday for families, that they will be one unit in GOD. So many children are growing up without a daddy or mommy. Many are raised by relatives. One reason we are failing as a society is that Satan has ripped apart the fabric of American families. I love to preach to mom’s and dad’s and also the children. The family unit, as God intended it to be, must be served by the people of God more than ever.


I can remember growing up and thinking that Mom always had eyes in the back of her head. Mom seemed to know everything. But now as a parent, I’m almost equally as convinced that my kids sometimes have eyes and ears in the back of their heads as well.

There’s very little that they’re not observing, listening to, and soaking in from their surroundings, especially at home with mom and dad.

Consequently, nothing has more power or potential to hurt or help kids than what they see, hear, and experience at home.

Kids are like little sponges taking in all the surroundings they are immersed in. They are like little monkeys that see, hear and do what they are exposed to.

Parents: 3 Reasons Why the Way You Treat Your Spouse Matters

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