Pastoring Young People Through the Pandemic: Only 16% of young people turn to faith leaders in times of uncertainty


I have to say that I am not surprised by this report, but it still makes me very, very sad. We have to carry out The Great Commission and build bridges of love and trust with the young people in America and throughout the world.



Christina Embree


Recently, one of my friends posted on Facebook the following question: “Trends indicate that the church is losing an entire generation of young people. What can reverse this trend?

There were a lot of responses, ranging from revival to education to community.

On that same day, I received an email from Springtide Research sharing some of their findings from one of their latest surveys.

In The State of Religion & Young People 2021: Navigating Uncertainty, our research is revealing some surprising things.

First, only 10% of young people told us a faith leader reached out to them during the pandemic.

Second, only 16% of young people turn to faith leaders in times of uncertainty—which is the same percent of young people who tell us they turn to “no one.”

Pastoring Young People Through the Pandemic

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