“Pastor Dewey has hit the nail on the head! God is our ONLY answer!” Pastor Randall Floyd of Assemblies of God in Clayton, NM

FGGAM NEWS Just received this news release:

NM Rep. Lord urges Lujan Grisham to resign over sexual harassment payout

SANDIA PARK, N.M.— Campaign finance reports filed with the NM Secretary of State yesterday revealed Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham paid out an additional $87,500 to her sexual assault accuser prompting State Representative Stefani Lord to call for Governor Lujan Grisham to immediately resign.

Today I call on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to resign from office. Being a woman does not excuse a public official from sexually violating anyone,” said State Representative Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park). “No elected official is above the law. Her history of sexual harassment is a stain on the state of New Mexico and she should immediately resign. Democrats forced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from office for much less.

Rep. Lord continued, “I call on the Democratic Party and Democrat leaders to do the right by joining with the voices of her victims in calling for her to step down. If I were a donor to the Governor’s campaign, I would be furious knowing that my money is paying out an enormous sexual abuse settlement, and I would be asking for my donations to be returned. She should not drag our state through the mud by remaining in office.”

Rep. Lord’s call for Lujan Grisham to resign follow recent revelations that former Lujan Grisham campaign staffer James Hallinan, has been paid out an additional $87,500 from Lujan Grisham’s campaign stemming from a sexual harassment claim, bringing the total payout to $150,000. Lujan Grisham’s campaign previously filed in their April 2021 campaign finance report a $62,500 payout in response to serious accusations of the Governor grabbing the staffer’s crotch and laughing in front her senior campaign staff during a meeting while Lujan Grisham was on the campaign trail in 2018. The embattled New Mexico Governor is no stranger to similar accusations; another New Mexican, Eddie Dehart also accuses Lujan Grisham of similar behavior as far back as 2005.

New Mexico governor settles harassment claim for $150K, statement released

Man accusing Governor of sexual abuse speaks out

FGGAM NEWS also just received this news release:

GOP Leader Townsend calls on Secretary of State and Ethics Commission to investigate possible coordinated effort to influence redistricting

Santa Fe, NM – According to a recent report, the Center for Civic Policy and NAVA Education Project offered $50 stipends to individuals to lobby New Mexico’s first independent and nonpartisan Citizen Redistricting Committee (CRC) to pass their privately funded redistricting maps. The accusations of paying to influence the CRC are seemingly backed up by emails gathered by a local ethics watchdog group, and raise concerns over transparency and influence as the state embraces the independent and nonpartisan redistricting efforts. 

I am disappointed that special interest organizations who hide their funding and expenditures, such as the Center for Civic Policy, are willing to flagrantly attempt to influence the independent Citizens Redistricting Committee,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). I am calling on the Secretary of State and the State Ethics Commission to investigate how these activities are funded and whether there is a coordinated effort to undermine the independent and nonpartisan CRC. Too many New Mexicans, from every walk of life and across the political spectrum, rallied behind the creation of the CRC not just for fairness but to remove political influence from the redistricting process.”

Rep. Townsend continued, “Business as usual cannot be tolerated in redistricting. The people made their voice clear about removing influence from the redistricting process. The rejection of those who use political influence to change political districts has been immediate and forceful, especially so in media reports when the bill was moving through the legislative process. New Mexicans are tired of the dark-money influences that back the powerful in the Roundhouse, and have demanded that money and politics be blocked from influencing the independence of the CRC.”

Rep. Townsend concluded, “It goes without saying that House Republicans have extreme confidence in the independence of the CRC. The committee has done a tremendous job traveling the state to better understand what our communities needs are in the redistricting process. I am hopeful that the Secretary of State and the State Ethics Commission will provide a thorough investigation to bolster the independence and nonpartisan standing of the Citizens Redistricting Committee.”

The CRC will meet on Friday, October 17, 2021 to discuss their final map selections.


Albuquerque Thugs Attack Bernalillo County Headquarters: Shoot Out Windows!

I have been preaching a series of messages “I want God back in America” I was blessed to deliver the message yesterday at the First Baptist Church in Magdalena. I next will be delivering the message at the Christian Family Church of God in Belen, New Mexico on Sunday October 31st at 11am! Thank you Pastor Richard Garcia for inviting me! I have given this message at the ‘Soldiers of The Cross’ Men’s Conference in Albuquerque, First Baptist of Reserve, Glenwood and Magdalena, Assemblies of God in Clayton, NM and the Open Door Bible Ministry Church in Los Alamos, New Mexico and Cross Christian Fellowship and Majesty Worship Center in Albuquerque. If you would like me to share this message at your Church or Conference just message me. I have been invited to an adult and youth Bible Study in Albuquerque to share this message that GOD GAME ME! It is late folks, it is more than time for a wake up call! I give all glory to God for what HE is doing in my life. I will serve Him until I die. I move with the HOLY SPIRIT! I am not bashful to say that! I am just a simple man following GOD! Contact me of you would like me to speak at your Church, Conference, Bible Study, Club meeting…whatever and wherever! I do not charge!

The famed British Evangelist Gipsy Smith used to ask his audience, “Do you really want to see a revival begin?” When the people said yes, Gipsy replied, “Then go back to your home and draw a circle around you on the floor. Then get down on your knees in the middle of the circle and ask God to convert everybody inside that circle. When you do that, and God answers, you are experiencing the start of revival.”

Dr. Jim Denison: “Christianity isn’t just marginalized. It’s not just viewed as irrelevant. Now the faith has become dangerous in the eyes of many as an aberration that must be opposed — and even eradicated.”

SPIRITUAL WARFARE AT ITS HIGHEST IS IN ALBUQERQUE! The Church is fighting it with a garden hose! Christians need to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! Leave your walls….

The Church as a whole in New Mexico and America is not truly calling on the POWER OF GOD! We need to seek purity in all we do and say. Leave the Hollywood performances to Hollywood, not the Church! God’s power, the sort of power that dwells within every born-again believer and energizes his/her life and ministry is not the sort of “thing” that you can touch or contain in a bottle. It is the very energy of the life of God himself. It is the supernatural energy that emanates from God’s being! SEEK THE FACE OF GOD! SEEK HIS POWER! STAND ABOVE THE EVIL!!!! BRING OTHER’S INTO THE KINGDOM! It is way beyond time for the Church in New Mexico and America TO BE THE CHURCH AND NOT PLAY CHURCH! 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GOD’S POWER (IN YOU)

The thugs in Albuquerque are so very brazen! We get reports from our security company of thug activity in our area, thugs going up to front doors with knives, stealing cars right out of the driveway, knocking on doors at 11:30pm, Walking into homes! Our neighborhood Subway being robbed two times of late, the thug had a box cutter as a weapon. Gunfire reports!! The Police are overwhelmed, a dear friend of mine told me that it is time that the National Guard is called out in Albuquerque as our Police Officers are overwhelmed by thugs! A CURFEW OF MIDNIGHT NEEDS TO BE ISSUED!! It is not fair that we are throwing our heroes into the lions den! Why would anyone want to be a Police Officer in Albuquerque????? Many are leaving the department, I DON’T BLAME THEM!!! They do not get the backing from City Hall, the Mayor or the City Council! It is becoming a City of zombies! So many in Albuquerque are blinded by Satan. DRUGS AND BOOZE! Study Says Any Amount of Drinking Is Bad for You. Here’s What Experts Say But hey, the Governor and her squad now have made pot legal! How Pot Affects Your Mind and Body The Governor has added fuel to the fire of Satan! Crime is going to get worse. Very, very weak leadership in Albuquerque and the entire state of New Mexico. BUT!!!! The people keep putting anti-life politicians into office! What is wrong with you people????? YOU NEED JESUS!!! JESUS is the answer to all of our problems!!! This is a state that kills babies through abortion, this is a state where child abuse is out of control! New Mexico child abuse deaths doubled in 2020 This is a state that does not value the life poof children! AND!!!! This is a state that expects GOD TO BLESS IT! HORRIBLE!!!

We have weak leaders, they do not have the guts to upset anybody, they say the same sugar coated words.

Now thugs shoot windows of the new County Building:

More Here

Second vigil held for victim of road rage shooting near Old Town ABQ

ABQ Mayoral Debate


Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil

SPRITUAL WARFARE: Inside the shocking survey showing majority of U.S. Christians don’t believe Holy Spirit Is real (podcast)

What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO!

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