Learning How to ‘Fear Not’ in a Culture of Constant Fear


OH MY! This message from Sam Luce is so very awesome for such a time as this! Jesus gives me comfort. I want everyone to know Jesus!



Sam Luce


In a culture where fear is ever-present and all-pervasive, we turn to almost anything to find comfort and to find help. There are a million things to be afraid of thanks to the internet and COVID; that number has tripled.

Some of the most repeated phrases in scripture is “fear not” and “do not be afraid.” It’s almost as if the God who created us knows us and knows that much of what we do is driven by the blasphemy of pessimism. This idea is that things are worse than we imagine that things will not end well and that the worst possible thing that can happen will happen. We are plagued by these doubts all the time. Daily we read of people who are being oppressed and killed around the world we know people around us who are struggling with addictions and sorrows. People we love dying of COVID, cancer, and suicide takes a toll on our soul.

Learning How to ‘Fear Not’ in a Culture of Constant Fear

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