POLL: Keller Has Large Lead in ABQ Mayoral Race, Sheriff Manny Fades, Ronchetti to Run For Governor?


Sheriff Manny made his own bed and now has to sleep in it, he made some very, very awful accusations against Mayor Keller in the last Albuquerque Mayoral debate, and buried his campaign at the same time. People are very sick and tired at that type of campaigning. This Mayor’s race in Albuquerque is a warning shot to the GOP that they better get their act together. The Dems continue to rule in Albuquerque and the state. I have said now for years, the GOP needs new leadership. Steve Pearce needs to retire, the party is not going anywhere with him as leader, except down hill. Pearce now downplays the possibility of Mark Ronchetti running for Governor! HUGE MISTAKE! Ronchetti has the name recognition the GOP needs. As my Brother FGGAM News Commentator Pastor Paul Holt says, “Politics is all about name recognition, star power.” People do not do their research. New Mexicans keep electing ant-life politicians. Is New Mexico anti-God? The Majority of New Mexicans vote D! The GOP is the minority party in New Mexico, that is the states history. What will it take for the GOP to become the majority party in New Mexico? It will not happen with Steve Pearce as the leader. One of my Cowboy friends Dale of Catron County said to me, “Pearce should have stayed in office, he was doing fine for us in D.C., by running for governor he let the Democrat’s take control of our district and we also got a Dem for governor, he created a mess.” Under Pearce’s leadership the GOP has failed to win a major race. Keller rules the Mayoral race and Sheriff Manny gets a low approval rating as Sheriff, I had high hopes for Manny but he said some very stupid, hurtful things. The lone Republican in the Mayoral race Eddy Aragon has given this race his best, I like a lot of his ideas, but his campaign never gained traction.

ADDED NOTE! The GOP of New Mexico acts like it is a first place baseball team! YOU ARE NOT! Your at the bottom! You, as we say in baseball have NO CLEAN UP HITTER! The failed administration of Susanna Martinez still burns many New Mexicans, we were not invited to her pizza party, and even the Santa Fe Police where called off from the party, YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!! (Listen to the Governor of New Mexico Defend Her Hotel Pizza Party To Police) Many are still burned by all the tax payer money that was paid out at the end during her term to settle lawsuits filed against her administration! New Mexico GOP blasts $1.7 million in settlements made, sealed under former Gov. Martinez. Martinez also lied to me the night of her first victory right on the air on KKIM Radio, that she would end abortion, she was WEAK on ABORTION!!! She also had me sit for over an hour waiting for my meeting with her at her office, and then she had an aide come out and tell me she could not meet with me, even thou I had a scheduled appointment! Martinez suffered form “I have D.C. on my mind” I have to tell you if the GOP does not get with it, it will lose the Governors seat once again.

ABQ JOURNAL: Keller has large lead over mayoral opponents

ABQ JOURNAL: Half of city voters favor Keller’s job performance

ABQ JOURNAL: Sheriff Manny Gonzales’ current job approval stands at 34%

I have been hearing this for the last couple of months that Mark will run for governor. He gave it a good run against Democrat Ben Ray Luján for the U.S. Senate, but came up short. My brother FGGAM News commentator Pastor Paul Holt says that politics is all about name recognition, and Ronchetti certainly has that. Its like the majority of people in New Mexico, voting for the D’s! The Republicans, the minority party to the Dems, needs a candidate that can get votes from the Independents and Dems. Could Ronchetti be that candidate? Ch. 13 Reported this: Mark Ronchetti has resigned as KRQE’s chief meteorologist. Ronchetti handed in his resignation Thursday, Oct. 21. effective immediately. He informed KRQE he’s considering running for governor of New Mexico.


Free Content By The Santa Fe New Mexican: Ronchetti leaves KRQE to consider run for governor

ABQ JOURNAL: Ronchetti leaves TV gig amid intrigue over gubernatorial run

More from  this past week:

Sheriff Manny Gonzales is making the news for all the wrong reasons! Horrible Sheriff! Gonzales surely buried his campaign. How can this man continue to be Sheriff????

From The Santa Fe New Mexican! SPOT ON! Think Santa Fe elections are bad? Look at Albuquerque

Here is what I wrote early this morning:

As I have said for years, Politics is the playground of Satan. It played out live the other night on KOB TV:

This is ‘tough love’ Manny as I was taught as a child. I care about you and the future of our City.  Tough love is what I learned several years ago from my Mom and Dad. They loved us so much, that they taught us right from wrong and did not accept bad behavior. We knew not to cross that line. We also learned that in school and at Sunday School. We must teach this today, just as important is, that we always model it! Practice meekness! Meekness is POWER UNDER CONTROL! The positive sense of meek implies that someone is able to remain calm and subdued even when being provoked, I call it, power under control!

Did you see my post from yesterday? Sheriff Manny threw the political, ugly mud out more than I have seen in a very long time! The Sheriff has dug a hole for himself. I thought it was very ugly that he got so very personal with his attacks on Mayor Keller. Even if true, it is not right to say those things, as they are RUMORS. As our chief law enforcement official for the county, YOU SHOULD KNOW TO STICK TO THE FACTS! You must have very bad advisors. This is not leadership Sheriff! This is not what we need Sheriff in a leader! I do not agree with Mayor Keller on most issues, but to attack him that way….how do you think his wife feels????????? The children??? Damaged has occurred to the Keller family. Not good Manny, I will not support your type of leadership! SHAME! Bad game plan! Your the one in trouble with the law! DA to refer Gonzales fraud case to State Police I would pray that the County Commissioners call you out and tell you this is not LEADERSHIP! Is this what you want our younger generation to see of elected leaders? This is not what the hurting city of Albuquerque needs!!! This just damages the whole process.

Keller campaign to pursue legal action following personal accusations made at mayoral debate

From this past week:

WHAT???!!! Governor Lujan Grisham is Going to Scotland

I saw this news release at 4am today…….I had to have another cup of coffee! I shook my head at this! The Governor is going to Scotland! I don’t think you will find the solution to all the problems we are having here at home Governor! What happened to ZOOM???? We have immediate problems here at home, 44th in recovery from COVID unemployment New Mexico Unemployment Recovery or Lack of……. Crime out of control, child abuse on the rise, New Mexico Child Abuse Has Doubled People are dying every week in the state of violence Albuquerque is breaking, and Dems know it’s bad and do not forget the babies that are dying of abortion and now women from Texas are coming here more than ever for abortions since Texas passed the heartbeat law. The problems go on and on….. and to think a trip to Scotland is going to help us, we the people? ZOOM!!! This trip makes no sense. ZOOM! Do you think that all the people living in poverty in our state care about this? They would like a tank of gas and some food. NM Poverty Rate This trip is an insult to the intelligence of the people of New Mexico.

News Releases:

Statement from State Representative Stefani Lord (Sandia Park), in response to Governor Lujan Grisham’s trip to Scotland:

“The dirty little secret is the Governor and her administration do not really believe there is a climate crisis caused by carbon emissions,” said State Rep. Stefani Lord (Sandia Park). “If this administration did, Lujan Grisham would be avoiding air travel. In the age of Zoom her headline grabbing appearance could still occur without extravagant international travel involved.”

Rep. Lord continued: “This does nothing for climate change but continue hypocrisy of “do as I say, not as I do” by the Governor, who is more interested in a tax-payer funded junket so she can push her political agenda.”

Gov. Lujan Grisham to represent New Mexico at UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

Oct 22, 2021 | Press Releases

GLASGOW, Scotland – New Mexico’s ambitious climate change achievements and goals will be on the world stage as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham attends the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland.

The international climate summit, which will take place in Glasgow, is the 26th session of the “Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” The annual convening of nearly every nation on earth serves as a valuable opportunity for collaboration around formalizing global climate strategies and to spur collective action. The 21st Conference of the Parties in France resulted in the Paris Agreement, the goals of which Gov. Lujan Grisham committed the state to as one of her first acts in office.

Since then, the state has continued on a path of ambitious and innovative climate solutions, including through nationally leading emissions reductions rules for the oil and gas industry, signing into law a 100% clean electricity requirement by 2045, implementing new energy-efficient building codes, and much more.

“I am so proud of the work we have done in under three years, and I am honored to represent that work, and the work of so many New Mexicans, on the world stage,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham. “But I know that we – as a state, as a nation, as a planet – must go further by pursuing bold, equitable and just climate solutions. I am looking forward to this significant opportunity for collaboration and action at the global level.”

Gov. Lujan Grisham will be in attendance during the first week of the conference and is scheduled to participate in meetings, roundtables and press events with national and world leaders. Her tentative public schedule includes:

  • A public conversation alongside Secretary of State Tony Blinken, White House climate advisors John Kerry and Gina McCarthy, and Michael Bloomberg on the America is All In initiative
  • An open-press event with the Powering Past Coal Alliance
  • An Under2 Coalition event with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and governors from around the world

The governor will be joined by key members of her Cabinet, including Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst.

All this is Spiritual Warfare, sad thing is that many people who call themselves Christians do not know what that means………..

Please read the following posts from yesterday, Please tell your friends we are one of the few, who still report the news from a Biblical Worldview, it is getting less and less in America even with so called ‘Christian News outlets’.

Only 6% of Americans have a “biblical worldview,” according to research from notable evangelical pollster George Barna released as part of a new endeavor with the Christian conservative advocacy organization Family Research Council.
According to Barna, “With only six percent of adults embracing the biblical worldview, the importance of the other six out of 10 adults who call themselves Christians but who do not reflect biblical thinking and living cannot be overestimated.” He warned that the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not subscribe to a biblical worldview has a significant impact on society.

As we used to say in the old days, “the proof is in the pudding.” I am upset about this as my Daddy always told me to “leave this world a better place than you found it.” Looks dark, doesn’t it. My Daddy and Mommy where from the World War II generation, our greatest generation ever! The Greatest Generation Ever We?…we are responsible for the failing of Christianity in America. We have helped create a mess. We are in Spiritual warfare, and many Christians are fighting it with a garden hose! Too many Christians adopted a political worldview over a Biblical Worldview. Too many Christians have become hateful and created their own Kingdom. Too many Christians fell in love with conspiracy’s. Satan has blinded them. I am so sick and tired of it! We all have been chosen by God to be here for such a times as this, and so many are showing this unbelieving world what it wants to see: CRAZY, MEAN CHRISTIANS! We should be building bridges of love and trust with the unbelieving world. Much harm has been done to the bride of Christ by Pastors and Politicians, supporting politicians who are just plain crazy and unbiblical! You should be very careful and vet your politicians with the Word of God. You should look at the fruit. Bearing Fruit For God We should me working to fulfill THE GREAT COMMISSION! NOT A SELFISH COMMISSION! There is hell to pay for this behavior. We are living it. JESUS made it so simple for us….but we are failing. Church! What have you done with all the resources you have? Fancy dancy has not been the answer. America has so many Christian singing groups, books, tapes, DVD’s, concerts, high school pep rallies, revivals, so many Churches, so many conventions and conferences.. The Church in America loves preaching to the choir! Failure to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION is the biggest mistake, and loving buildings, walls and fancy dancy……what happened? The Church left the basic teachings and commands of Jesus and fell in love with itself. Jesus walked and carried out The Great Commission……Many have failed to call on the POWER OF GOD! Call on the POWER OF GOD!!! Many go forth with out God’s power. We all need to look into the mirror!

Postmodernism, secularism have increasing influence over Americans’ decision-making: report

By Russell Moore

American evangelicalism is old and sick and weak, and doesn’t even know it. We are bored by what the Bible reveals as mysterious and glorious, and red-in-the-face about what hardly matters in the broad sweep of eternity. We clamor for the kind of power the world can recognize while ignoring the very power of God that comes through Christ and him crucified. We’ve traded in the Sermon on the Mount for slogans on our cars. We’ve exchanged Christ the King for Christ the meme. And through it all, we demonstrate what we care about—the same power and self-leverage this age already values.

Often our cultural and moral and political debates are important. Offering one’s opinion is fine and good, sometimes even necessary. But if American Christianity means our passions demonstrate that these things are most important to us, and to our identity, we have veered into a place we do not want to go. The most important word we have for the world around us, and for the soul within us, can indeed fit on a bumper sticker: “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

Charles Stanley and the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT


Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil

SPRITUAL WARFARE: Inside the shocking survey showing majority of U.S. Christians don’t believe Holy Spirit Is real (podcast)

What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO!

WOW! POWERFUL!!! Time out to check our souls! Wonderful message from Rob Shepherd. I love posts that make you think, this surely should! Jesus at the center as my brother Jude Sisneros always says!



Rob Shepherd

When I don’t get my way, I freak. When someone takes something that is mine, I freak. When someone doesn’t agree with me, I freak. As adults we tend to freak out about being left out, not getting what is fair, or not getting our way. It’s easy to view others as idiots when they don’t do what you want them to do. The problem is the people who are idiots in our lives are the very people Jesus wants us to love.

I’m not immune to calling someone an idiot. I can get so fiery passionate about my point that I quickly think, “If you disagree with me you are a card-carrying idiot.”

Our way of thinking is a part of the kingdom we’ve built. And when someone disagrees it’s easy for me to pull out the idiot card. You see, it’s not a matter of if we are building our kingdom. It’s a matter of if we realize in what ways we are building a kingdom of “me.”

10 Signs You Are Living in Your Own Kingdom (and Not the Kingdom of God)

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