Is it true that the calendar is based on the life of Jesus?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: My college assignment is to debate a fellow student about the impact of Jesus’ life when he lived on Earth – without using the Bible. She claims that Jesus only impacts those who are weak and need religion. Is it true that the calendar is based on the life of Jesus? – M.T.

A: We face a dark time in the history. The forces of evil seem to be gathering for a colossal assault on the Word of God. To set the …

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I LOVE THIS MESSAGE!!!! TRUTH!!! Does your Life reflect JESUS???? Boy! Does this PREACH!!!!!!!


Robin A Riggs


The Christian lifestyle can be validly called “the lifestyle of the cross” because, just as it is impossible to take the cross out of Christianity and still retain true Christianity, so we cannot take the cross out of our Christian lives and live as genuine Christians.

What does it mean to carry your cross? As a teenager, I once heard my pastor say that Jesus has many admirers, but not enough followers. That statement stuck in my mind. There are many who attend church weekly, but their professions of Christianity may be lived out superficially, or at any rate at their convenience. Following Jesus is not merely acknowledging His existence, or “agreeing” with His teachings. Following Jesus means to walk in His footsteps. It means to take upon yourself His purpose and mission in the world. It means braving the dangers of an evil world for the sake of an unbendable love for God and for people.

Carrying Your Cross

What Does It Mean to Carry Your Cross?

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